Can't post in steam forums without steam guard

by Sasoriza. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    9

Why do I have to use steam guard to post in the forums? I don't use steam guard because every single time I do anything in the browser with steam I have to login again fully with the steam guard which is a huge hassle. I'm trying to report a bug to a mod maker and I can't because of the huge hassle steam guard is.


MarioDesigns 1

You should have 2FA on for every site you have, especially something like steam, which is filled with people looking to get into other accounts.

satoru1111 4

enable steamguard its simple


Point is shouldn't have to. And won't because of the amount of hassle it adds to my life with it on.

EightBitRanger 4

Then you can't post on the steam forums. The end.

satoru1111 5

enabling steamguard is not a 'hassle'

you simply log in, check the box that says, 'remember my credentials'

  Sasoriza 1

Does not work. Anytime I visit a steam page after a reboot or closing the browser I am using, it logs me out of steam's website. Therefore steam guard is a hassle because of the frequency I have to deal with the two-factor if I want to do anything in the browser. This happens on every single device and browser I use.

Reddit5484 4

Your attitude is a hassle. Sorry security is a hassle to you and your fast paced life.

  Sasoriza 1

I wouldn't have a problem steam guard if it did not require me to sign back into steam every single time I visit their website in something that isn't their software. Security shouldn't be such a large step outside of convenience in an end user situation.