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by BG_fallenknight. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    12

Hey, guys are there anyone who feels same as me? when roll a dice for an enemy's action it feels like you control the enemy but when draw a card for enemy’s action not. actually both randomness...


automator3000 1

Um, I guess? Maybe?

That deck of cards that controls an enemy feels more pre-determined. After the enemy's turn, I can cheat and look at what the enemy's next action would be. But it's a false sense of control.

Sagrilarus 1

I think it’s just you. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

themacclellan 1

Definitely no.

Beadnoze409 1

I mean it also depends on how the deck works. If you put the card back and shuffle the deck every time a card is drawn and the deck has the same number of cards for each outcome, then sure it’s random. Dice are random (though combos of multiple dice are a bit less random), card games require a bit more skill and a quick memory

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InfuriatedBrute 2

Cards have diminishing returns and tend to result in more "different" and less "objectively better" results.

Dice are a little easier to modify with stuff like rerolls.

But Mark Rosewater writes about this. People get angry when dice are added to their card game.

Miguelito-Loveless 3

Dice rolls, and cards drawn from a random deck, and random tiles drawn from a bag all feel equally random to me. And, of course, they are all random from an objective point of view.

But I do sometimes hear people moan about how much they hate random dice chucking, and then turn around and praise their favorite random card or random tile game. So there is obviously something to the idea that many people feel that dice are more random than a randomized deck of cards or randomized tiles. Human thinking is weird sometimes.

bgg-uglywalrus 7

There's a bit of a difference and it has a BIG impact. Card draws/tile pulls have odds associated with them assuming they're not immediately replaced.

For instance in Gloomhaven, if an Earth Demon used it's one rock throwing AoE attack, then you know it won't have it again until the deck resets. So now, you can plan around Earth Demons not being able to do that one move. It's a good way to simulate learning and experience in a game. The first time I face an Earth Demon, I have no idea what it can and can't do. But the 10th time I face Earth Demons, I now know what it's capable of and how often it's capable of doing something.

automator3000 1

There's a big difference, yes, but even if you reshuffled every time, due to the weird way that human brains work, we'd still react as if the dice were more random than the deck of cards. Brains are messed up.

Miguelito-Loveless 4

It is certainly true that dice are like sampling with replacement and card and tile draws are like sampling without replacement (until the time you reset). Maybe that is why some people think of dice as more random than random card and tile draws.

IsraelZulu 1

I think people feel like dice are more random because their randomness is less-dependent upon human behavior.

Assume you have fair dice, and a dice tower that everyone uses. The randomness of the dice is then almost solely dependent upon the construction of the dice and tower. There's little that humans can do to influence it, and even those factors (initial position, method of release) are fairly trivial to mitigate to an acceptable degree even in casual play.

For cards though, randomness is entirely dependent upon the shuffling method used and the rigor and consistency with which that is applied. (Even before you get to whether cards get replaced or not.) This is wholly within human control and, outside of regulated scenarios such as competition play, something players are much more likely to be lax with.

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This seems like it would be one of the very few cases of "Does anyone else X" that actually has "No" for an answer.