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Has anyone had any experience with asking for verification which involves proving your phone number or sending a picture of your id or drivers licence. Also please provide the payment method you used to make the purchase.



No, the site isn’t even up right now.

A lot of people get mad when people say this, but honestly just use G2A.


People get mad, but there is a time and place to use third party sellers, when games are removed from legitimate store fronts, games become blocked in some country's because of silly political crap etc. Using third party keys are often your only option at this point unless you want to pirate.

I'm not going to argue that some of their practices are shady, but they have a place for legitimate use.

I for example had to use third party to get Deadpool.

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That or if a triple A studio refuses to cut a price on a game, like sorry, but I am not buying Black Ops 2 for $60 in 2020.

I understand when people say support the creators, but that’s more on the indie side, activision is so bloated that it’s not hurting them to buy a resale key.


I never had to do ANY verification besides activating my account via email on cdkeys. You are either lying or you did some sketchy stuff to trigger a "verification"

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He isn't lying. I had to go through the same verification back when I bought from them.




Yeah no. You aware of another online vendor that requires photo ID for trivial purchases?

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Lots of key sites do. It's an easily exploitable industry, they are trying to weed out stolen credit cards and PayPal accounts.


standard know your customer practice


This is incredibly sketchy


This is fairly normal anti-fraud on their part.

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You get downvoted for talking the truth. A year ago this sub upvoted the idea.

>" TucoBenedictoPacif 38 points·1 year ago
>Me: "weird, they used to be THE most reliable key seller around. Did they start to scam people?"
>Thread: "They asked my phone number for customer verification!"
>HOLY SHIT! OUTRAGEOUS! That you wasted our time with this thread, I mean."

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You could block out your ID document number, just leave your address and name.

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Just tell support you don't have a phone and they unlock your Key.

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Yeah that's the part where you tell them to do one and buy elsewhere if they don't quit making stupid demands.

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