Cheats in FPS - A Possible Solution

by Mothix. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    0    6

I have been thinking of cheaters quite a bit recently after encountering a few of them in my games and the most recent streamers that have been caught using ESP type cheats.

I want to preface this by saying I have very limited programming experience so some the stuff I might say will be wrong, though I am pretty sure I have solid fundamentals behind this solution.

From what I gather these cheats are detecting the players 'skeleton' which is the structure of a player model when you strip away the 3D textures, it appears some games have a bigger skeleton that they use as a hitbox and some have it just for positional purposes; the 'aimbot' like cheats are snapping onto these skeletons and the 'ESP' like cheats are just seeing these constantly on the map.

For a solution, which I am well aware will not get rid of cheaters but will certainly help, I was thinking why not create fake versions of these skeletons that appear around the map that have no 3D textures and are literally invisible to a normal player

I think that by doing this you can ping false positives for the cheats and not effect normal game play at all.

With this it can help in a number of ways; put these fake skeletons in really weird places and have it so that every time a player 'kills' one it flags them - flag a certain amount in a short space of time then clearly you are aim botting?

Could even give normal players a bit more of a chance of killing the hackers if they are preoccupied with the fake skeletons - maybe even having random skeletons around the player that can ping an aimbotter for false positives?

This is just a solution that I have been thinking of for a while and I am wanting to get peoples thoughts on it.

Has it been tried before?

Do you think it would work?

What are the disadvantages of such a system?


mengplex 1

Sounds like a great idea, but it's also simple enough that I refuse to believe it hasn't already been attempted in some form.

Would certainly be great for banning players if it worked though

babypuncher_ 2

The problem is it wouldn’t work at all. If the game knows which “skeletons” are fake, then there’s no reason the cheat software wouldn’t also know.

BrianGriffin1208 5

Its already been done in simple games like Minecraft. The PvP servers have implemented "skeletons" that hover over the actual player constantly forcing the "aimbot" to target the ghost. It worked for about a month, and then hackers were able to allow their clients to differentiate between the two.

Grevas13 5

A quick google shows that many individuals in many communities have already suggested this.

The general argument against it is that these fake players would still be in some way identifiable, since by necessity they wouldn't share all the traits of a player.

So while it might work at first, once the devs of these cheat programs know what to look for it's effectively useless.

The fact that such a common and reasonable-sounding idea has not, to my knowledge, ever been used suggests that devs have already considered how fast cheaters adapt and decided this method wasn't eorth it.

PiezoelectricityOld9 11

If the game knows they are a fake, the cheats know they are a fake. They operate by reading memory, and all this would do is cause a minor inconvenience for the coder to work around.