Clips not recording properly.

by b0b_saggot. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    1

I know this gets posted here a lot, but everything I have read seems to suggest there being no space left to record clips or the issue could depend on the game the clips are of.

I’ve recorded plenty of clips over the years, to the point where all of them were wiped from existence several times due to overload. Eventually I purchased a OneDrive package and started exporting clips to it and deleting them from my console. Despite my efforts things have only gotten worse. Whenever I go to record something I get about 15 seconds of it if I’m lucky (sometimes they don’t even seem to record). This obviously has ruined so many great moments.

If I select the “Recent Captures” tab it says there are 150 clips. But when I look under the “on this Xbox” section there are only 2 clips and 2 pictures saved there. I do have a lot of clips saved on Xbox live, not sure if that could be the cause.

What can I do to fix this? It’s been getting very annoying. I know hard resetting can help but it doesn’t always work and when it does it only seems to be for a little.

Edit: In case it matters the game I’ve been noticing this most on is Modern Warfare, but I have had this happen recently on other games too.