[COMC] Small spaces edition

by spaghoofti. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    21    26

Hi all!

Unfortunately over the years I've moved from a more rural, larger space into an apartment in the city - and thus comes the downsizing. Been in the hobby for around 6 years or so, went from a collection of \~200 with a dedicated board gaming room to a shared space and a highly pared down collection (around 30, including small box games that aren't pictured.)

Luckily, with the downsizing it's made me absolutely learn to appreciate and play the games I do have and they all get played regularly, no more shelf of shame :) Duds or mishits also get filtered out very quickly.

I play with a group that slants towards heavier euros and high conflict, and the only thing I would change about my collection is a bit more space to store some easier on-ramps into the hobby when new players join in. Viticulture, Agricola, and others have migrated in and out of my collection over the years, but they tend to collect dust and are traded/sold pretty quickly.

The space, including the table where we game:


A closer look at the storage area. Books on top, as well as the Iron Clays set by Roxley.


Lower shelf, right side. Food Chain Magnate, Bus, Pax Pamir 2e, Root, Pipeline, Panamax, Die Macher, Barrage.


Lower shelf, left side. Age of Steam, On Mars, Vinhos, Secret Hitler, Tokyo Market, Tokyo Metro, Trickerion



leavemydogalone 1

Happy to see another fan of Tokyo metro! Just discovered it a couple weeks ago and am super happy I did and was able to snag the Osaka expansion before the Kickstarter ended

spartan_son 1

I have that same edition of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius! Fancy seeing you here.... curious what your other books are.
Great looking collection though! What would you say is the best game (you’ve played) that you don’t own? Have you ever played brass or city of the big shoulders?

raged_norm 1

After paring down, do you feel better/worse/indifferent? Why?

I’m just about bursting out my allocated volume and am thinking of moving on some big boxes but at under 50 games it’s hard.

  spaghoofti 1

Better. Everything gets played and there is a regular rotation.

Also by limiting the space, I adhere to a one in, one out system by proxy.

Swordofmytriumph 1

Wow! Just want to say that room looks like something out of a design magazine, it is so tasteful and awesome!

lesslucid 1

It looks like your games are in jail. I feel sad for them. :(

Great collection, though, and well done on keeping the quantity down to something playable. :)

  spaghoofti 5

Luckily with having a pared down collection, they regularly get out on good behavior.

RyanKl 2

Really digging the rustic look. Just ordered the Gallerist as my first lacerda. I’ve been meaning to jump into heavier euros. Any you would say are good starting heavy euros? The heaviest thing I played thus far is great western trail when it comes to euros.

lyanreef 2

Seriously though, we should be friends. Love the setup and the collection.

You mentioned 18xx in a comment. Did you used to own any? So you plan to get any in the future?

Thoughts on Eklund games?

  spaghoofti 1

I owned 1846 but heard it was a terrible entry point. I have 1861/1867 coming though.

Two of my “small box” games are bios and pax transhumanity. I have read both rulebooks but trying to distill all the (thematic) keywords down to understandable mechanisms is always a bear.

ExpertCelery 2

Two quick questions -

Where did you get those shelves they are amazing.

Also what color is the wall it looks great!

  spaghoofti 1

I’ve had that for years, I don’t remember where I got it exactly... it’s either world market or west elm.

That’s a color match to Ralph Lauren British racing green.


meeshpod 2

That's a cool looking storage area with wire mesh doors. I envy that solid looking table too! My gaming space is a folding card table that makes stacking dexterity games treacherous :)

What was your process for getting rid of your games when you downsized (selling, trades, donations?)

What's the oldest game in your collection that you held onto and still play?

What first got you into hobby 6 years ago?

Lastly, I've always wondered about the Roxley Iron Clays, but never looked into the details on them. Which denominations are included? Or maybe they are just colored without numerical values on them?

  spaghoofti 3

The Iron Clays are wonderful. Denominations of 1/5/10/20/50/100/500. I think there's around $14k in the box, so supports 18xx, heavy economic euros, etc.

Honestly, for paring down the collection we played a lot of games and asked hard questions about if it would hit the table again, and of course getting rid of things as our tastes changed. Lighter euros don't typically have the staying power that the heavier euros do.

I got in to the hobby by picking up a copy of Pandemic at a local store. I will never forget it, because removing the insert there was a spider that had holed up in one of the corners of the box.

Oldest game would probably be either FCM or Vinhos.

Beltalath 3

Nice concentration of quality!!
I've recently ordered both Tokyo games so I'm wondering what your opinion on them is. We share a few favourite games and a love for heavy economic games it would seem :-)

  spaghoofti 1

Unfortunately it looks like my post was removed, but I'd still love to answer.

Metro is excellent. Feels a bit like a mashup between Bus/Age of Steam/18xx.
One thing that I would knock it for is that upkeep can be a nightmare, moving all the lines on the cloth map, making sure to keep up with income changes, people hitching a ride, etc. I'm tempted to get plexiglass to mitigate some of that. Otherwise there are very tense decisions, a very tight economic space and loans. Lots of loans.

We had to cut Market short so I haven't had the chance to really dive in and don't want to give an opinion until I have a full play.

Beltalath 1

Hmmm, I've heard about the very lengthy and feedly upkeep. Have you tried ironing it? I've heard it helps with the uneven board. I like me some loans so I'm looking forward to playing it!

Thanks for the answer :)

lyanreef 6

Despite all his rage, he's still just got Root in a cage.

sonofisadore 19

It would be good if you opened the cabinet doors

KillerOrca 2

This really rattles my cage.

Teeps12 1

poor caged birds

pseudokojo 9

You say that and then what do you do when they all run away?

  spaghoofti 5

Someone gets why they’re closed

wallysmith127 7

Holy crap what a great list of games with such a condensed space! And Iron Clays to boot... nicely done!

So a lot of those are obvious mainstays in a collection so precise: FCM, PP2E, Root, AoS, etc. Could you talk a bit about why/how these games managed to survive The Culling? Also, what are your usual player counts?

Bus - Big buzz when Capstone got the rights but other Splotters like Indonesia, Antiquity and Great Zimbabwe tend to rank higher than Bus. Have you played those and/or culled those from your collection?

Panamax - I've seen it around but honestly the theme isn't very exciting and Container tends to get more attention. What is it about this one?

Barrage - The newest one in the list; worthy longtime addition or does it benefit from recency bias?

Tokyo Tsukiji Market and Tokyo Metro - Considering the KS expansion campaign just ended, did you pledge for those? Did the small size of the boxes influence keeping them over potentially more worthy competitors? Which one do you prefer?

Vinhos and On Mars - Did you own/play other Lacerdas other than these two? If so, why did these two specifically survive The Culling?

Trickerion - Have you played/owned other Mindclash games? If so, thoughts on those vs Trickerion? Any interest in recent KS star Perseverance?

D_Choo 18

Just came to say the room looks amazing regardless of the games. The games are very nice too.

Good work.

  spaghoofti 1

Very kind words, thank you!