Community Battle Pass Prediction Discussion [July 29]

by mburst. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    14    11

July 29, 2020

Rank: Archon


Team Safe Lane Mid Lane Off Lane Soft Supp Hard Supp
The Radiant Lifestealer Luna Underlord Pudge Silencer
The Dire Monkey King Templar Assassin Magnus Grimstroke Ogre Magi

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Jul 28 Results Dota 2 Reddit Winner
The Radiant 57% 869
The Dire 43% 374
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I hate this so much. The games just cheese and dont even follow the draft logic. The last 3 games all went against the draft, one even had a smurf.

karl_w_w 1

People are saying dire because of the mid matchup? But after the laning phase this is a really hard game for TA and I can't see her snowballing and closing the game in archon.

shadow04616 1

Ez dire. Mk and ogre win against underlord pudge, also ta should destroy luna mid.

Yellowtoblerone 1
karl_w_w 1

that wasnt it, qop was offlane and kunkka got shat on

Yellowtoblerone 1

I can see that but that's the kind of funny shit valve pulling a fast one I was talking about.

Gerax82 2

The last games were rare, I vote for Radiant, for logic Dire win :P

resont 6

Wait did qop go offlane last game? I can't see the replay now but her items were really weird

karl_w_w 2

Yeah, timber dumpstered kunkka mid but after that none of the team was playing the same tempo at the same time so the advantage amounted to nothing and dire just farmed and pick-offed their way into the lead.

resont 1

Thanks. If I knew it would be offlane qop I would have gone for dire 100% lol