Community Battle Pass Prediction Discussion [June 28]

by ErikHumphrey. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    51    7

June 28, 2020

Rank: Ancient


Team Safe Lane Mid Lane Off Lane Soft Supp Hard Supp
Radiant Troll Warlord Queen of Pain Axe Shadow Demon Jakiro
Dire Clinkz Lone Druid Juggernaut Tusk Bane


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June 27 Results:

DIRE: 68% <- Winner <- Reddit's Pick


Reddit Record:


Yesterday, Reddit voted 74% Dire, 26% Radiant.



Community who is getting canceled prediction.

waflmlk 1

Lone Druid is a smurf and destroys radiant

Lone Druid isnt a smurf and dire loses hard

pick your poison

Only_Gur 1

This may be the wrong place and a dumb question but is there like an app or website that has all the pro match ups so I can find matches to watch? I use strafe but it seems like they don't have all the matches on there

FirstWorldAnarchist 1

Liquipedia has links for every pro match as far as I know.

fuckdit 1

dire will win easy

blazomkd 7

Radiant all the way

Avar1cious 8

At first glance, I'm inclined to give it to radiant, given how dire have next to no teamfight (clinkz ulti) and very limited saves (nightmare + snowball) for mid to late game - bane and tusk have to play very much on point to stop blink blademail calls + follow-ups from destroying their cores.

With that said, my worry is the laning stage. I think clinkz + bane will destroy axe + sd in terms of trading. LD does very well vs QOP; I'm not sure if this advantage will materialize at the ancient level though. Troll + Jack beats jugg + tusk in terms of trading/farming but the latter has more of a direct kill potential (I assume auto attacks during spin still proc the tag team despite not doing damage).

I'm worried that the lanes will just all lose and this will be one of those snowball games (towers and rosh die very fast with LD + Clinkz).