Company of Heroes board game thoughts?

by drakebloodbane. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    7    10

The PM is closing in 15 days, what is your thoughts about the game and the mechanics? What did you end up buying? Are there better alternatives for this kind of games?



Quartermaster General is the CoH boardgame you need.

  drakebloodbane 1

CoH is a skirmish game while QG is a wargame more akin to Axis&Allies (but without dice)

I don't think they can be compared but thanks for the tip, I will check QG too

danbass 1

This is my first “all-in” game for me, and that was after missing the Kickstarter. I’m hoping this hits the sweet spot for me of a 2hr game that still is deterministic damage driven, but has some real opportunities to change strategies during the game to counter. I’m particularly drawn to the commander mechanics that give some variable game play depending on who’s playing what.

I hope/believe that the rules are easy to explain to a newcomer, and that while the first two or three turns will seem scripted, everything gets unpredictable after one side makes their second purchase.

There’s a core group of us in the discord channel if anyone is interested in diving in. I’m also really curious what others here think. I’m hoping this starts making it to the table regularly with my small group, but I know it’ll be the primary game I play with my father who’s a huge CoH and wargaming fan (A&A, squad leader, and most recently as much Air, Land and Sea as we can play).

TIE-44 1

That’s a lot of minis

travelbug77 1

this is based on the pc game? where can I find the link? that's one of my most played pc games ever.
that being said, I've always felt like conflict of heroes was the boardgame equivalent of coh and coh 2.

butters-chaos 1

First time I didn't buy all-in. I only added solo/co-op pack.

I have Tide of Iron and expansions too.

  drakebloodbane 2

First time? Then you changed to all-in? :D
Tide of Iron looks really interesting (but never played)

butters-chaos 2

Previously all my KS were all in. I seldom touch the expansions, so didn't all in for CoH.

Finally defeated FOMO.

  drakebloodbane 2

Right now I am sitting too on core set (4p) + world builder + language pack

I am trying to fight FOMO but is hard, is quite unknown if all the expansions will be available later (and at what price)