Console keeps killing my Ext. Hard drives

by AB__03. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    1    9

This is my fourth Ext. Drive that I’ve had fried from my Xbox in the span of a couple months. I truly have no idea what could be the cause of such a thing. If anyone can think of a piece of hardware that could cause that please do let me know because this is insane at this point.



Yup. Xbox fried my 5tb. But when I posted about it, I just got downvoted!

Groovy3 1

My friends hard drive isn't recognized when plugging in xbone in all ports. Any help

5umT1ngWong 1

Buy a new cable

domfikes27 1

How close are the drives to the console itself? Heat is awful on hard drives.

  AB__03 1

It’s a decent enough ways away to not be affected by the heat produced from the Xbox. I’ve also had hard drives that I’ve just left on top of my console and they were fine. This has just started recently that after a month or so with a new drive it no longer works both with the Xbox or on a computer

domfikes27 2

It could be an issue with the USB port or the cable itself

Rocman4210 1

And don't use the front port

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Rocman4210 2

Because it doesn't read hard drives as well as the back ports. Even Microsoft says to only use the back ports