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Hi everyone!

I have been a console person since...always. Recently, I've been interested in picking up PC gaming- do you have any advice to make the switch a little smoother?



Buy a prebuilt with customer service. The can remote into your pc and help you problem solve stuff. You can watch them and learn what they do. My alienware has a program called alienware support and it keeps my drivers updated. I know other brands have similar programs. Google and YouTube will be your friend for problem solving issues also. Use steam to buy games. Dont ever pay full price. Put them on wish list and it never fails that in a week or two they pop up for sale. Take advantage of all the free to play weekends. Also epic games is good for free games.


You came to the wrong place. Try r/buildapc and r/buildapcforme. Also why switch? Why can't you play on both? A PC isn't just a games device like a console. You can use it to pay your bills, do your tax return, write spreadsheets, do work don't need it to be an only gaming device.

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Hey! Thanks for the comment, but just wanted to clear a few things up for you:

  1. I'm not dumb. I know what all I can use computers for, I own a laptop and do work from it.
  2. Never said I was going for a full switch from console to PC, it's more of just asking for advice on how to make the transition from playing on one to the other smoother.
  3. A few people have already been giving me a fair amount of advice, so I don't think it's a huge deal that I asked a question here.
    If you didn't want to help you simply didn't have to say anything 💕
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just ignore that guy. this is r/pcgaming. i dont see any issues asking for advice about making the switch here. however, when / if you do decide to build a pc, the 2 subs the other guy linked will likely be more helpfull

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Thank you! Building a PC (as of right now) seems out of my skill set but I've been looking at the other subs like people have been suggesting and it seems like it may be a doable. Definitely a long term goal though!

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it really isnt hard. if you can build a lego set and do one of theese, you can build a pc. it really isnt that hard, and can be done in 30-60 minutes. its basically taking things and sticking them in the whole they fit in

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Honestly that's good to hear. I've always assumed that it's extremely complicated, so I'm always super impressed by anyone who builds one

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nah. its extremely easy. all it takes is money and time, and not even that much time. watch that video i posted above. youll see, its pretty simple. as long as you use something like pcpartpicker to ensure your parts are compatible, most things only have 1 hole they fit in. some parts will have 2 or 3 or 4 hole they fit in, but then you look at the manual and it tells you which one to put it in. for example, you often have 4 ram slots. your motherboards manual will tell you what order to put the slots in (usually 2, 4, 1, 3) so if you only have 2 ram sticks, you use slots 2 and 4 and leave 1 and 3 empty

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I made the switch a couple of years ago, I didn't have up in the controller neither the couch gaming experience.

My gaming PC is connected to the TV, it boots right into Big Picture Mode (it's a console like interface on Steam) and I use a controller exclusively when playing, couch gaming FTW!

Since you play lots of team/competitive FPS , switching over keyboard and mouse it's recommend .... Depending on how serious you play those games.

I myself play Overwatch casually and still have a blast while playing it.

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Overwatch is my main one right now, so that's good to hear! Thank you!

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do some research, build your own. feel free to keep playing with your controller if you dont want to learn kb+mouse (altho i do recommend you learn kb+m)

also, for when / if you do switch, heres some advice:

on pc theirs multiple stores you can buy games from. there's also different launchers. some stores are also a launcher. steam is both a store and a launcher. the best launcher as far as features go is steam. gog is also very good as it is drm free, which is a very good thing. the worst, by far, is epic games store. the ONLY good thing about epic is they give out free games. id make an account just to take the free games, but id NEVER buy from them, at least until they fix there launcher and add in all the features its missing

there are many scam site, but sites found on /r/GameDeals and are legit. just check what launcher your key is for

also, here are some good addons for you web browser

also, here are some good games to start you off that are only on PC or significantly better on PC:

minecraft java edition(NOT bedrock and not windows 10 edition)




doom 2016



divinity original sin 2

rust(but only if you have at least 3 other firends to play with)

portal 1/2

a hat in time

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Wow, thank you!! I've got some console experience with a few of those so I'm definitely interested to see the difference.

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np. enjoy it if you get one. i just got a high refresh monitor(165hz) and its really ncie. id recommend you get one if you go pc. not all games support it, but most seem to

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Some parts are pretty expensive now. I just recently built a new PC.

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There is not much difference except for tons of free content on PC. I sold playstation 4 Pro and built mid range PC. It is surprising how much PC gaming changed since I owned PC years ago. First all games work with Microsoft Xbox controller out of the box. It is so easy. Just like on consoles. I do not play any of my games with keyboard and mouse. it is all Xbox controller. Second there is no issue running games. It all works out of the box. You get the launcher like Steam or Epic games and once you install them the experience of buying and playing games is no different from PS4 or Xbox. One thing however what you get on PC is free online gaming and TONS OF FREE CONTENT. Epic is giving out games weekly. Steam has free games as well. So does Ubisoft and other online stores. I have Witcher 3 free, I have civilization 6 free, GTA5 free, Shogun total war free. etc. etc. etc. etc. I have hundreds of dollars in free content.

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If you don't have a PC yet, take your time with learning all the new things, like different components, their effect on performance, how to build a PC, etc. There's a lot to learn and it can get overwhelming, but it's necessary if you want to get off to a good start. If you don't do the research and take the "easy route" by buying any premade PC within your budget, you might end up spending more than the its worth, or getting parts of questionable quality.

At the very least, get to know what parts would be the best fit for your budget (eg. from pcpartpicker, /r/buildapc, or /r/buildapcforme) and find a premade with these parts from a known company who won't charge you too much for building it.

If you're not very familiar with using a mouse and keyboard for games, you can always use a controller until you get the hang of it. If you're not playing competitive or anything that uses the mouse a lot, like strategy games, then a controller is going to be just as good.

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Be ready for up-front sticker shock. If you're willing to take the time to learn how, you can lower it by building your own system or starting with a cheap business-class base and upgrading.

Controls-wise, you can plug and play an Xbox one controller to start. Then slowly learn mouse/keyboard.

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Yeah that's my biggest concern right now. Definitely more of a long term goal given my budget/skill set

LockeNCole 2

I'd honestly look at any near by colleges and see if they have a surplus store. I was able to pick up an older i7-based business-class machine for under $200. A bit of RAM upgrade and a new video card and I had a decent system for sub-$600.

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I hadn't thought of that, thank you!

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Another idea, check with computer repair shops in your area for power supplies. You might be able to score a cheap used one. You'll need it if you get a beefy GPU.

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I wouldn't use Used PSUs. They aren't that expensive and a 500w will safely power a midrange system.

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I dunno. I paid $15 for a refurbished 600w when a new one locally was going to cost me $60.

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Cheaping out on a PSU is bad.

LockeNCole 1

It's been running strong for a year now. May be just know the shop that does the referb?

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Have you used a computer before.

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Kinda? I've tried with my laptop, but I know that's not the same lol


Just full commit. Feels odd giving up the control for a mouse and keyboard but once you do it and get good with it you feel so much more in the game


Now I don't know if I can ever fully give it up, but if it's that good then there's a chance lol

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You can always use your console controller on PC. I personally use both an Xbox One and PS4 controller on my PC depending on what game I'm playing.


Have you noticed any real difference in terms of accuracy? I play a lot of FPS/team games and I've heard there's a noticeable difference

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m+kb is a lot easier and more accurate once you learn it. however, thast not to say a skilled controller player cant beat a m+kb player

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Controllers operate the same on PC as they do on consoles if that's what you're asking. For example, plugging in my PS4 controller to play Warzone or Battlefield on my PC feels the exact same as on console. The huge difference is that on PC, I'm not stuck at 60fps/60hz.

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This isn't always 100% correct. Certain games will offer extremely forgiving aim assist if you're using a controller on console. PC versions don't always have the same level of aim assist, even if you choose to use a controller. It all depends on the individual game in question.

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Yea what you said is true. I should of mentioned that. I remember the PC version of Black Ops 3 had an INSANE aim assist if you plugged in a controller and used it. The PC version aim assist was way stronger than the console counterpart.