Controller lag

by dallastarheel. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    0    5

Hello Everyone! I’m new to the gaming/Xbox world, and the only game I really play is Forza Horizon 4. For the past couple of weeks I have noticed a lag between the controller and the screen, and it makes it very difficult to play (maybe half a second). Any thoughts? I haven’t really done anything differently.


BoBoBearDev 1

Update the controller firmware?

whogivesadamn69 1

Hey I'd try repairing the controller to do so use the black button on the front of the console and the top of the controller to do so hold both till the lights stop flashing

FrigidBot 1

What’s your setup? Could be the tv... does yours have a game mode? If so, turn it on. Also, turn off any motion smoothing settings.

Have fun!

  dallastarheel 1

I’ve had the same set up for several months without any problems. Seems like a new problem related to the Xbox. I tried resetting the Xbox and that didn’t do the trick. Same problem with my F1 game as well.

duuuran 1

Buy a third party wired controller, it won't lag. I spent years (literally insane things) trying to figure out whats going on with the input lag on the controllers, but nobody seems to acknowledge it. I could tell you what I think it is, but I would just sound like a nut.

Seriously though, third party wired only controllers don't have the lag (well the powera fusion pro, I found.)