Controller Stopped Vibrating

by d2802. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    4

I bought a brand new controller last month and recently turned off the vibration in settings. I came to turn it back on again but it just doesn’t work. The batteries are fine, I’ve tried restarting the console, but it just won’t fix it. Anyone know what I can do?


bomb447 1

I have two that quit vibrating as well. I got a brand new MS controller and it vibrates at first, but I disable it on certain games and they never vibrate once it's reenabled. I've connected to my W10 PC via USB and still nothing

  d2802 1

I have solved the issue by resetting the Xbox and selecting to keep games and apps, all I had to do was sign in again and it was working. Hope this helps for you.

Colonelclank90 1

Have you tried to desync and resync the controller? Plug into a pc and see if the problem stays? Checked for firmware updates?

  d2802 1

I updated the controller and then desynced and resynced it but still not working. I don’t have a pc to connect it to unfortunately.