Cosmic encounter duel impressions?

by Spader623. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    19    8

I've heard some mixed thoughts but curious on people's thoughts on cosmic encounter duel.


Nestorow 5

I really liked it, it's a tightened up version of the original with some great art and feels balanced so far. Well, as balanced as cosmic encounter can be

ShelfClutter 2

Thanks I've been waiting for a decent review to come out! This is good to hear for now

Nestorow 2

If you don't mind gameplay with your review I made this

jdr393 7

Isn’t the entire charm of cosmic encounter that the game is so utterly unbalanced, that the game is really the players working concert to balance the game?

Nestorow 2

Yeah, The two player version is bit less chaotic with how you combat each other so overall feels more balanced

drnn89 3

The game is a chaotic mess: a player that WILL win in the next turn can literally lose the game due to a draw, regardless if the other player is miles behind.

CE is supposed to be a fun laid back experience, CED is the same and if you want a “the best player always wins” game, CED is not it. If you want to hang out with your buddy or SO, CED is great. If your main focus is to PLAY A GAME then CED is not it, there are many other 2p games that do it better.

With that said, I cant think of any other 2p games that offers the fun and chaos CED have.

Strangehaven 4

My wife and I just played two games tonight. We enjoyed it. It has a lot of the flavor of the original with large swings back and forth in the duels themselves and crazy alien powers that break the rules. It's a solid 45 mins-1 hr two player game.

NoTimeForGamesYT 8

Have you played the original one? Are you a fan? I believe it's a great game for fans. If I was looking just at mechanisms, and disregard the theme, there are probably much better 2P only games out there, imo.