COVID Lockdown Gaming Table build /w folding player shelves. [COMC] also at the end.

by Entice. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    112    24

Hi r/boardgames! My dad and I built a gaming table during the lockdown earlier this year and I finally got around to getting the pictures together. Game collection is at the end of the album.

-How long have you been involved in the hobby?-

About 8 years. I loved board games as a kid, but never got to play much afterwards. TableTop finally sold me so I went to my local FLGS and got introduced with a few games and I was hooked.

-My Favorite Game(s)-

This is always so hard. Great Western Trail, Lisboa, Fields of Arle, Codenames, and the campaign games (Gloomhaven, Kingdom Death, etc) are all great.

-My Newest Games-

Charterstone (So new it's not even pictured!) - My previous group years ago played about 3 games and never finished, so I got a new copy for my current group and am itching to start again.

Yedo Deluxe - A great favorite of our group, so it's nice getting a fresh 'reboot' of the game with some nicer components.

Teotihuacan - Honestly I've been iffy on some of the expansions, but I really enjoy this.

-What would you change about your collection if you could?-

Ugh, it needs a culling since it obviously doesn't fit. Some games I kickstarted and I just can't bring myself to get rid of it. Others I just like the art / aesthetic it adds. I've also won games in raffles and just toss them on the shelf because who knows why. Some games just really need to go because I know I will never play them again such as Fallen City of Karez, Storm the Castle!, Monolith, Legendary (and expansions), Puzzle Strike, and Steam Park.

-Prized Possession-

Kingdom Death - I was an original backer and love the minis and campaign (although it can be very unfair at times). I played this with my previous group a lot. The Dragon King sitting up there is just epic and I love it. :)

Thanks for taking a look!


Yes, that's Boba Fett dragging Frodo to Barad-dur.

Gray Fox was hand made myself and I also made a full costume for it out of foam. The Loki, Tron, and Space Marine helmet were commissioned. I have a Loki costume and was planning on a space marine and tron, but never got around to it. The Doom and Nazgul helmets were official productions.


TheGreatOz2014 1

I really like the look of this table. A lot of other tables I've seen, at least in person, are too wide or too deep for my tastes. This does not look like it would have that problem. Would you be willing to share any plans or design advice you might have?

  Entice 1

It's funny you say that because my original 'plans' had the depth about 1-2 inches more. However, we needed more space to mount the legs so I was forced to make it more shallow and I'm glad I did.

That said, my plans were extremely basic. I just knew how high I wanted it so my chairs would fit and people didn't bump their knees, how high the playing surface was so your arms can rest comfortably, and the dimensions of the playing surface. The rest was just kinda done on the fly.

TheGreatOz2014 1

Fair enough, I'll definitely be saving this album for ideas! How deep is the center? Looks like about 2-3 inches...

Valashas 1

An Ulm spotted in the wild! Such an underrated game.

cromulent_verbage 1

Culling you say? No, my good sir, tis time for a gaming shelf build to fulsomely display thy hoard!

mooncake2000 2

Love the planning and execution that went into making this!

razzamatazm 2

Where did you find the large neoprene sheets? I've looked but only found drawer liners for tool boxes.

  Entice 2

I got mine here:

I'd suggest at least 4-5mm thickness. Mine are nylon covered but they have other options.

razzamatazm 2

Thank you!!!

SkyBS 2

Those folding/extendable shelves are very cool. Nicely done!

Forensicsman 2

Looks good! I cant wait to start on mine one day for my new house!

kwazimoto100 2

Well, while not “Covid proper”, I have to say this is a great table. 👍

Carboncrater224 3

Nice table! But quick question, is that a picture of Boba Fett dragging Frodo to Mordor?

  Entice 1

It is! I saw it at a convention many years ago and just had to have it. I've had people over that haven't noticed for a few visits and then do a double take when they see the details.

Hehshsbdbd2363737 3

That is a gorgeous piece of work. How much woodworking experience did you have going into this?

  Entice 3

Thanks! My dad loves carpentry, but never made it a career. He could have easily been a general contractor as he build most of his house and does the remodeling. I had a job for a few years in an assembly shop with some basic woodworking requirements.

Bunchwacky 4

Outstanding looking game table and collection. A little jealous of both! The only thing preventing me from making a table just like that is a total lack of skill and necessary material and time. Mostly total lack of skill.

CaptainMark86 2

I have a complete lack of skill and I decided to give it a go anyway. I had a very specific vision of what I wanted and no retail table even came close so I bought some wood and some tools and just had at it. I learned a lot, mainly through trial and error, if I had another go I'd do some things differently and I'm sure it would come out much better next time. But I love it because it's mine.

Bunchwacky 1

Not sure how it could come out better. That's a damned nice looking table. I can't do scratch builds like that. I can mod pretty well. My wife and I converted a bumper pool table into a game table. We wound up biting the bullet on a Table of Ultimate Gaming. We needed a new dining room table anyway, so convincing the wife we needed a 5x7 foot game table actually worked.

CaptainMark86 4

Yeah I'm not OP, that's not my table. I just saw an opportunity to unleash a pep talk and took it. I love my own table and would encourage anyone else who's thinking of doing it to just go for it, great project.

livebyfoma 15

For some reason, I read "COVID Lockdown Gaming Table" and imagined a quarantine-friendly gaming table, with plexiglass to separate all the players or something.

cRuNkmAsTeRKrON 1

I was really happy to see this wasn't the case.

  Entice 2

Ah yeah, just built during the lockdown since there was nothing much else to do :)

ithika 6

I thought it would be a desktop computer.