CPU Usage in Dota and terrible performance

by BirdSetFree. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    9    5

We know that this subreddit is read by valve employees/Wyk.

We’ve seen more and more people complaining about the performance of the game, people with reasonable configs having absolutely atrocious fps in dota.

The fucking chatbox of chat rooms are causing a spike in CPU usage when too many messages are written. How is this possible for a company with a game that has had at least 500m USD in revenue.

Valve, you either start optimizing the game or we’re just going to give up on the game.


gelotssimou 1

Also, if you are in game, when you press enter (and it shows previous chat messages) fps will go DOWN

HolySinner17 1

I have much worse of a setup but same problem the game was fine like a week ago

nevermore9k 1

Do you mind sharing your pc specs here?

  BirdSetFree 1

I7 /GTX 1050

MediaLiess 1

Pretty sure it's just you.

I'm running an i7-4770k and a 770 gtx without issues. That's a 7 year old pc.