CPU Usage of Main Menu vs In-game

by ArkadyGaming. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    127    59

I saw a post earlier that mentions the main menu having more CPU usage than in-game. So I ran some tests and here are my findings:

Main menu:

90-95% CPU, 80% GPU, 160 FPS


50-70% CPU, 60-70% GPU, 65 FPS

Some people suggested going to the learn screen. So I also recorded the utilization on that window.

70-85% CPU, 70-75% GPU, 230 FPS

So it is true that going to the learn section would decrease the load on your CPU.

Everything is maxed out except shadows which is on high. I ran this test on DX11. I tested this on a low-end PC. My specs are GTX660, i3-3220, 8gb Ram.



did you have 240hz monitor or there another reason why people dont limit their fps to something like 100-120

  ArkadyGaming 2

I only have 75hz screen. Since I dont have g-sync, its always better to have atleast extra frames to prevent display latency.


i have ryzen 3800x and 32gb ram and im still limit my fps to 120

rektefied 3

I have ryzen 7600x and 64 gb ram and limit my fps to 30 because the human eye can only see 24


scrub, i have 7950x and 128gb ram and limit to 24.

DogebertDeck 1

on 4k? cinematic!

Mamamiomima 2

the point is people runing main menu at 999 fps and crying that cpu cant handle it, just limit it since your fps in game is not 999

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Im not complaining about the usage, just pointing out what I found. I have no problem even if my CPU can cook an egg with it's temps

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this is bait.

Kovi34 6

there's literally no reason to limit your fps unless you REALLY want to save like $5 a year on electricity

Mamamiomima 2

or you dont want to hear any fan sounds

UrNegroidCompatriot 2

or you dont want to hear gpu making coil whine noise in the menu


lock your fps .


Lol this thread is great. You guys seriously dont know why this happens?

It is because when you are in the menu, you arent gpu limited, thus the cpu can go full out. But once in game, you get GPU limited, thus your fps drops and so does your cpu usage.

Just upgrade your gpu then it will even out.


I can't even play the main menu at anything below 240 fps, I demand peak performance to match my skills

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of course it's a fuckin zett player

chanzjj 10

But in-game he's only having 60-70% GPU utilisation? If he was GPU limited in-game, wouldn't it be more like 99% GPU utilisation?

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I have an i3-2120 , 750ti and 4gb ram but my fps never crosses 50. Can someone explain this.

UrNegroidCompatriot 1

man i would upgrade if i was you. for starters cpu, mob, ram and then gpu

me89xx 3

4gb and you complain about fps? LuL

Keepo_777 8

Shit spec ez

Tomaskraven 4

4 gb of ram lol. Can you play dota and have google chrome opened?

hubbubnub 1

Na dude. Just hard to get branded DDR3 Ram where I live

YesIWasThere 18

Yeah, your CPU is almost 10 years old.

Vexillari 1

fps_max_menu from cs:go is not here so the game tries to push this crazy fps even in the main menu. I can even hear the coil whine from my GPU before I finally join the hero select screen and the FPS drops a little

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mvrander 2

Sorry, just to clarify. Are those learn tab numbers in game with the learn tab in the background or actually on the learn tab and not in a game?

CarlThe94Pathfinder 1

OP selects the learn tab, the connects to a match. OP is confirming that moving your game client to the "Learn" Tab instead of the default tab increases overall performance/FPS within a match as compared to leaving it on the default tab.

mvrander 2

> I also recorded the utilization on that window.

I know that's what OP should be doing but I just wanted that's what they are doing and not just listing the cpu etc when on the learn tab and not in game

  ArkadyGaming 2

if you mean with a current match running then no, I just opened the learn tab from a freshly opened dota 2 client.

I don't think having either main menu or learn tab open while playing a match would have an effect on your FPS. But I guess it's worth testing out

mvrander 1

I always switch to learn before queuing. Someone suggested it back when monkey king first came out I think because they found it reduced the lag in his ult.

Ortenrosse 3

Did you delete the battlepass promotional videos? They're actually pretty resource-heavy.

  ArkadyGaming 2

I heard doing that boosts performance, but Im not really looking for a performance boost so Im not gonna test that one.

Ortenrosse 1

I felt it was relevant to the increased CPU usage on main menu.


you realize this isn't necessary about boosting performances depending on the rig, less jobs to do (ie displaying webm promotional videos or the 3D areas) mean less CPU usage

I mean, what you are saying is "Less jobs is less jobs", which unsurprisingly mean less work for CPUs.

Using tools like Aveyo's disabling UI in games will show that too, more likely more than deleting the files themselves.

EDIT: just to be clear, I'm not against people trying things or checking them. But there is a lot of things just a bit of thinking and trying to figure out how the things work will just explain them.


can you repost in english pls?

ThatFanficGuy 5

you realize this isn't necessary about boosting performances depending on the rig, less jobs to do (ie displaying webm promotional videos or the 3D areas) mean less CPU usage

I mean, what you are saying is "Less jobs is less jobs", which unsurprisingly mean less work for CPUs.

Using tools like Aveyo's disabling UI in games will show that too, more likely more than deleting the files themselves.

EDIT: just to be clear, I'm not against people trying things or checking them. But there is a lot of things just a bit of thinking and trying to figure out how the things work will just explain them.

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can you repost in english?

UrNegroidCompatriot 2


unique_i_am_not 2

65 fps with gtx 660 on max settings? I really don't think so.

BendADickCumOnBack 1

I thought that was weird as well but he's probably talking peak. I doubt he's getting those frames during bursts in fights

  ArkadyGaming 2

Its the average fps. Usually jumps from 55-75 fps normally but drops to 30-40 on teamfights with heavy particles.

z3dicus 2

Does this have anything to do with why alt tabbing out of the game now has a lag? Tabbing back into the game moreso than tabbing out, theres a solid 1 second delay these days that never used to be there.

3xlr 3

Hey i am the op from the post you mentioned and i suggest we make more such post and help it reach front page so valve notice it and do something about it.
It really gives potato users(us) a hard time.

  ArkadyGaming 2

Thank you for making the initial post. Without it I probably wouldn't notice

assmaycsgoass 5

Copy pasting my reply from the other post :-

Listen, everyone here telling you to use -novid or delete aghs video from files will only help you to boot the game faster, the main menu lag will persist.

What you need to do is whenever a chat window (party,, regional, lobby, Guild) is selected AND filled with multiple messages, clear that window using the command /clear . This will remove any lag/high cpu usage you were seeing on menu page.

If anyone remembers, just a few weeks ago valve made some changes to regional chat system, which automatically created new Chat rooms for your region when one chat room was filled with 500 members, and shifted new members who joined the regional chat by either selecting it from the option to choose regional chat, or when they started the application. That change was chaotic, with a lot of bugs like chat messages not displaying in any chat window, not being able to join regional chat at all, excessive amount of regional chat rooms making the feature totally useless and it was like they were trying to fix something that was not broken in the first place.

Ultimately they reverted all that non-sense back to how it was before, but since then a new bug which never existed before has existed, whenever a chat window in the client is filled with too many messages and for too much time, the entire client starts to lag, CPU usage skyrockets, and it stays that way until you either select a empty or less used chat window, or clear those chat windows usint the command.

Valve probably is not even aware of this bug, since its been about 2 weeks and they havent fixed it yet.

  ArkadyGaming 2

Interesting. You can turn off regional chat in the settings, which I did a few years ago. The tests was done without it so I dont think simply closing those is the solution. Only the guild chat was active on my screen, but even then no one was using that shitty feature

assmaycsgoass 1

you can try spamming the party chat yourself, it gets very laggy. When you clear it, the lag stops. Many of my friends were suffering from this issue, and my fix worked for them. Even some randoms from my regional chat told me that the fix worked.

I don't see lag on my menu page if i have not selected a filled chat window/have cleared it.

kingkaolin 43

The performance of this game is really poor and doesn't seem like it's ever going to be fixed. Source 1 had amazing performance.

UrNegroidCompatriot 1

really sad because even having a good hardware doesn't help

blackwolf2311 2

I stopped playing this game purely out of performance issues. God knows my laptop isnt very good but no matter the settings or resolution or config tweak I cant get 60 fps constantly. Smurfs are annoying but nothing makes your blood boil as a stupid FPS drop because tinker casted march of the machines and shit like that.

YesIWasThere 24

I would argue that performance has gotten better since the release of source 2 and there have definitely been patches with way worse performance issues. Battlepass patches always cause a hit to performance due to all the extra fluff in the game, but I would argue that this happens every year and goes away once its over so I don't know why everyone is surprised.

>Source 1 had amazing performance.

Source 1 was also released in 2004 and probably limited Valve severely in how they wanted to move forward in several projects, not just dota. I understand some of you can't afford PC upgrades due to your financial situations but please don't hold Dota to the standard of nearly 10 year old hardware.


There are ZERO reasons for which a company of Valve‘s caliber wouldn‘t put some goddamned effort in mantaining/improving the performance of a game with 500M + USD in revenue over the course if its life.

This is actually one of the reasons that made me start selling previous immortal items this summer. The game is dying and valve isn’t doing anything to stop the decay. Fucking amateurs

YesIWasThere 8

How long should they be expected to make sure the game runs well on i3's from 2010-2014? How many games can people realistically run on those processors that have been released in the past 5 years? I understand that a lot of people feel left behind as the dota lifecycle continues but every time someone complains about performance and asked to post specs, they are running a setup that would probably struggle to maintain more than a couple chrome tabs + CSGO.

Look, I'm not saying dota is perfect. But, compared to what the MAJORITY of games these days ask for in minimum specs, Dota has a very low point of entry.

I've had actual performance problems on my setup as well, don't get me wrong. Monkey King ult, Terrorblade reflection, PL in general, Tinker march of the machines, and Dark Seer literally breaking any game that went beyond 45 mins were all super annoying problems in the past that would happen on a consistent basis when these heroes were picked. I have seen consistent improvements in these heroes and in the Source 2 performance in general since it was released.

But at this point, its getting ridiculous. Are you guys going to complain that you cant run Apex Legends, Call Of Duty, or whatever flavor of the month AAA game is out this week on your setup from 8+ years ago?

Source 2 Dota 2 engine was released 5 years ago. If you still struggle with performance and you have been using hardware so old Intel and nVidia have them on display as relics of the past instead of servicing them, you really should reconsider if Dota 2 is the main factor.

doodlezz55 1

Tbh i can go down to my basement and get my 10-11 years old pc, and it will run dota at 55-60 fps with some light graphical tweaks

BirdSetFree 2

And by the way, its just gonna be simple economics. No optimization/new flow of players done -> people will decide to play other games

BirdSetFree 3

Bruh i have an i7 8th gen and a Gtx 1050. Due to this stupid bug with chat rooms i was getting 10-15 fps in main menu..

The problem is obviously not on Source2 but rather the fact that there is no optimization done-> making a low entry game like you said consume way more CPU power than it should

I can’t even exit some of the chatrooms since the change they’ve done.

hugosonic 1

Hey, write /clear

crcliff 8

Performance is actually better for me after vulkan, but every year it degrades even though there are no massive upgrade in game.