Crossfirex beta

by Kissmangasucksass. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    11

I understand this is a beta, but man are the controls fucked. It takes tons of presses to do anything, the most responsive button is the dpad but even then it takes at least 2 presses for the action to work.

Also fuck dumbass devs that dont allow controller button customization, and once again i understand this is a beta but only having one shitty set of controls is a big turn off imo.



This game looks good but controlled is disastrous

ShadowStrider7 1

The thing that bothered me the most was that it screams for mouse and keyboard support and it would thrive with it, coupled with cross play. In fact, you can use the keyboard natively in game, but mouse control has been disabled. I always loved crossfire on PC, but this beta has its fair share of problems and I can only imagine that the experience thus far will deter folks from purchasing playing day one.

checkmyquant 1

It’s a f2p game if I recall correctly

ShadowStrider7 1

Ah, I just naturally assumed they were charging for it since console.

xFleshGodApocalypse 1

I could have sworn it was a free to play game.

ShadowStrider7 1

In its current state it definitely feels that way.

EDIT; Were you correcting me? Is this supposed to be f2p? If so, that actually explains a lot.

xFleshGodApocalypse 1

Not correcting, I just thought I saw a trailer of it and it said "Free to play"

IsabellaRapaport 1

they must enable the keyboard and mouse or fix to correct movement and shooting

ShadowStrider7 3

Honestly, both should occur. Keyboard and mouse because the game was designed for it, but controller players need options as well. Better sensitivity, better dead zone tweaks, aim acceleration curves and button remapping. If they could manage these things, the game has a real shot to be something special on the Xbox platform.

IsabellaRapaport 1

Yes the game can be successful,is quite fun on Xbox

ksudude87 1

this game also needs the spawning fixed to many times I have died right after spawning