Curators need a review system just like games

by megrea. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    22    10

Right after dev/publisher pages get it.

Change my mind.


Howrus 1

And you have it - it's called "Follow the curator".
Curators are not equal reviewer. It's working on completely different base.

You need to find curators that suit you and follow them. Not to view review from hundreds of different curators.

doomsdayforte 1

The intent is nice, but it's very easy to guess that the meme curators the people here complain about would get upvoted to the top, just the same way meme reviews do.

gaboskychuda 1

It should be removed. It doesn't provide anything that the normal steam reviews can't do better (even if you're in it for the memes/lulz, you can have that in the reviews as well.) And it's not like it can actually provide enough meaningful content, given the restrictive wordcount.

IMO, pushing the curator content on everyone is a mistake. If we really want user-curated lists of games, let people create them but only publish it on their profile.

Howrus 1

> It should be removed. It doesn't provide anything that the normal steam reviews can't do better

Why you assume that curators are just another name for a reviewers? It's additional tool, and it's very good it you use it right.
Trying to view all curators recommendations is like trying to read unfiltered /all on Reddit.

You select some subs and read your /home. Same with curators - select few of them and you will get flow of nice recommendations.

miko_idk 2

Just like this bs Commander Shepherd curator, 'I'm commander shepherd and this is my favorite game.'
But like, on every game.

SnuSnuGaming 19

or you know just allow us to remove the stupid thing. 90% of it is meme garbage

ConstantNewbie 1

Everything that is user generated is 90% garbage.

90% of users reviews are done horribly, and most arent even a review (and don't get me started on people who uses the review system as a "I like/didn't like the game")

User tags means nothing. Multiplayer tags on singleplayer. Horror on kids games. etc.

Overall, meme curators are the most useful things out of the user generated gargabe, if you and that curator enjoy the same games, then it doesn't matter what does he has to say, if he enjoyed, you should give it a look.

Magyarharcos 5

Its not even funny, just spam basically

Reddit5484 8

I dont even pay attention to any of that, I take personal responsibility to do my own research before I spend my own hard earned money.

LightmanHUN 2

It's not just about research tho, Steam literally push the stupidest curator reviews in your face (as a suggestion) if you scroll down on the store page. Those 1-2 sentece reviews not gonna help you much anyway.