Dangers of Sending Friend Requests?

by thataintkosher. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    3    8

I've been contacted (through Steam profile comments) by a few people in the past month, asking me to add them as a friend.

Examples of comments left on my profile include the following:

> Hey! Can you add me just for a little chat? I couldn't send you friend request...

> yo mate, send me friend request, i've got something for you

I've searched some of these up, and some of these comments (in their exact wording) can be found on other people's Steam profile comments.

I don't believe for a second that they're unable to send a friend request, so I'm inclined to believe that they're all scammers/bots. They all have the default (green-fade-to-black polka dot) profile background, and the same default teal profile theme. Profile pictures appear to be inconsistent.

So my question is, are they all scammers? Is my suspicion correct? Why couldn't they add me, and they need me to add them? Usually scammers just add you first and say something like "It's me your brother" and send you a phishing link. I know there was a thing a while back, where if someone is on your friend's list, and they send you a Steam call, they can grab your IP address. So I'm hesitant to this day, about adding someone to my friend's list.

Hopefully someone with more experience in this subject can enlighten me, and everyone else who searches this subject on Google, for posterity.


Robot1me 2

You are right, these are scammers and the "unable to send friend request" thingy is made up. Generally, you do not have to fear sending friend requests, there is no risk anymore (in the past, voice chats could be used to reveal your IP). Sending these scammers a request would be just a waste of your time. However, please take a moment to report every of these accounts for scamming. Once you done that, report the comment too. It looks like that Valve moderators actually look into this after 1 - 2 months if you did both, because recently I got two community message notifications that actions were taken.

Finally, don't let these scummy bots ruin the Steam community experience for you. Disabling comments due to that would be like letting the evil win. There are many legitimate and even wholesome cases for comments.


yeah, they're all scams. not much of a point to leaving public comments on for your profile. (unless you trade or something like that)

I just have it set to private entirely, I like a simple account so the less thats there the better.

-SammyP6- 2

cant send friend requests means they haven't spent 5 bucks on steam yet, which very likely means they are bots / scammers. just ignore them. delete the comment, block them, and possibly report them

Axtiond 2

Today I got first time those types and there are totally 3 different screenshots commented:

"hey, send me friend request, i've got something for you"

Seems like new scam attempts instead of just try to add friend by them self..

Edit: All are private profiles too. Maybe I will put my profile private too.. I'm sick of those weekly scam attempts..

wooderman12345 3

A friend of mine fell for something like this, but the guy who scammed him DM’d him and was posing as a steam admin

Yorecs 4

All these comments asking you to add them are scams.

GrunzJr 9

Yes, all of those are scam attempts, and frankly really poor ones at that. There's no such thing as "Steam Admins", Steam Support won't message through chat. I wouldn't know of any particular danger of adding them, but considering they're scams, you don't need to anyway.

Basically, if your common sense thinks something is fishy, it's almost guaranteed that it is.