Dark Souls 3 - sudden unplayable fps

by readingreddit09. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    8

So in a nutshell, yesterday when i had my PC set up at my parents place, Dark Souls 3 was running like a dream on max settings, crisp fps and beautiful all round. I brought my PC back to my place, tried running the game and now it is literally unplayable even at lowest settings? i mean like 7 fps and as if the game is running in slow motion. I've tried checking for causes online but couldn't find anything that worked. Nvidia drivers are up to date and so is windows? why was it working so perfectly and now isn't? i have a high spec PC as well so that cant be the issue. Please help!


avemparthaz 2

Check if you have the same problem with other games. Might be some of your components gone faulty.

YeeBoi_exe 3

Did u plug the hdmi/displayport cable into the gpu or the mobo?

Also check if the ram is seated correctly.

Edit: thanks for the gold on this tech support comment lul

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Looks like the cable was plugged into the motherboard - just plugged into the gpu and re-installing the game so fingers crossed this was the issue!

YeeBoi_exe 1

That issue is very common and it happend to me aswell if u plug it into the mobo then it dosent use ur gpu only the onboard graphics wich are often horrible.

Tell me if everything worked out or if u need more help

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Exactly the issue, thanks so much man

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No problem man, its always a pleasure to help a someone out so they can keep on playing, have fun with ur darksouls.

Damn i just realized u were the one giving me the gold, thanks man

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Thanks and no worries - it was a simple issue but one very hard to figure out and i doubt it would have taken me a very long time to realise what it was. You saved me a ton a hassle so for that thanks again! also the least i could do ;p

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I'll let you know as soon as i open it up, thank so far!