Dark Souls The Board Game campaign question

by Thepinkillusion. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    4    4

Hey all!

I got the dark souls board game recently and with some minor house rules it has easily become my favourite board game in recent memory (next to the Legacy edition of Betrayal at the House on the Hill). My friends and i LOVE campaign mode, but the base game only comes with 2 campaign modes and we are worried about finishing them to fast. Do the expansions come with additional campaigns?


r0t1prata 1

what house rules did you add? it was too grindy for me so my friend just added an auto levelling system.

  Thepinkillusion 2

We added a few different ones.
Firstly we increased souls based on room levels x # of players.
Level 1 rooms = 2 souls x # of players
Level 2 rooms = 4 souls “”
Level 3 rooms = 6 souls “”
And a boss encounter = 8 souls “”
So a level 2 room with 3 players would net you 12 souls.
We also got rid of the capability to buy back tokens like heroic actions or luck from the bonfire in order to offset the soul gains.
We have found that this makes early game less grindy, but end game defs becomes a bit easier so we are trying to work a way to make it harder (debating upping the soul cost for treasures just like in campaign mode)
Those are really the only major house rules we added but if i missed any ill do an edit

AJaxStudy 1

While not answering your question directly, it might be worth keeping an eye out for CMON's kickstarted Bloodborne game, which should hit retail in a few months.

It has a campaign, and goes up to 4 I believe.

TroutMasqueReplicant 2

The only expansion that doesn't come with a campaign so far is the Character Expansion.