Day 1 Xbox one power supplies can combust

by Norville_Rogers66. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    15

I gave my old Xbox one, day one ED to a friend once I got the X, but this morning I wake up to him saying he can’t play Xbox, as the power supply fan stopped working, and the lithium ions in the box exploded (I have no idea if they correlate, could be the battery terminals wearing out, causing a connection to positive and negative cathodes) causing a lot of smoke and a small fire. Stay away from old power supplies, and 3rd party ones too, they are all based off the same design, and could have the same defect.


oriberu 2

I had a power supply fail on a Day One console years ago and I’ve recently disconnected and replaced an OG Sunset Overdrive edition at my GFs place because the PSU was making very weird noises. Better safe than sorry.

OhTee0 2

I've been using the very same version of this Xbox One since launch almost every day for hours at a time and nothing like that has happened to me.

  Norville_Rogers66 1

Well it can, so just a warning.

xH0LLYW000Dx 2

Was it an original xbox power brick?

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xH0LLYW000Dx 1

Wow, never heard or them catching fire like turd party ones do....

fons383 3

No batteries in there. Probably just a capacitor that popped. People should be cleaning them out every month or so and it should be fine. Especially the fan. Each "broken" one I've repaired the fans were clogged to the point that they probably didn't move any air at all. Also found one infested with about 40 roaches, that was fun.

  Norville_Rogers66 2

Ew... I can get dust, but how are people gonna let their console get infested? Seems like it could be easily avoided.

fons383 1

Roaches LOVE gaming consoles. It's easy to say when you're not in the same situation as some folks though. Growing up in the ghetto roaches were an every day thing. You could fumigate the house all you want but they're in the whole neighborhood and they'll come right back.

  Norville_Rogers66 2

Oh trust me when I say I’ve dealt with Cockroaches a few years back, but I didn’t find any in my Xbox 360, so I guess I’m lucky. I’m assuming it’s the heat that attracts them?

fons383 2

Also it's the perfect place to hide and breed. Posted this video here a while back but it got downvoted to hell lol. I was just raising awareness to always check your 2nd hand xbox and psu's before bringing them into your home.

  Norville_Rogers66 1

Facts. Imagine bringing home an N64 or an old PlayStation, just to have your house get completely taken over by roaches.

fons383 1

Went to a flea market once and picked up a really nice looking Sega Saturn. Opened up the rear expansion port cover...the amount of dead roaches that poured out was nightmarish lol.

ValtTeck 3

Sounds to me like the fan stopped and the power supply overheated.


Yeah my friend said the fan stopped, and then the power brick got really hot and started smoking. I have no idea how long it took from the fan to stop working to it smoking and combusting.