Discord Cross-Platform Voice Chat

by Luke_Skybarker. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    11

I don’t understand why the discord app is on Xbox if it’s not going to include the voice chat option. IMO, with COD showing how successful cross-Platform games can be, all consoles need to band together and work with Discord to make this happen.

I still have my Xbox, but some friends and I do all of our gaming on PC now. We do still have a few friends who are on Xbox and PS. The in-game chat is awful compared to the quality of Discord.

Has there been any talks of this actually happening?


PodPeopleFTW 1

It will never happen.

Neither MS nor Sony would have moderation capabilities and users wouldn't have any way to report communications that break TOS

grimoireviper 2

Technically they wouldn't break TOS, and if so it would have to be Discord's TOS. Otherwise there wouldn't be any reddit app on the store either.

theory_of_game 1

It's not an official app. Discord would likely need to work with Microsoft to make an official app with voice, as I dont believe the APIs necessary to do voice chat with the app in the background are publicly available (at least they weren't when I was following the development of one of these apps a couple years ago).

Numbr81 1

How do you have Discord on your Xbox? I can't find it


Quarrel. It's not the official discord app.

somedudehi 2

I'd love it just so I could talk to all of my friends who primarily game on PC without having to sit at my computer or use my phone.

CaCHooKaMan 2

Xbox Party Chat is built into Windows 10 so they could join a party with you through that

  Luke_Skybarker 1

We do use that sometimes. But it’s not as functional as Discord.

Barnyard-Shneef 2

I haven't heard/seen anything about it, but it should absolutely be considered given the potential growth in cross-platform play. Luckily my headphones let me get game audio from the controller and connect to my phone/laptop for discord, but it'd be super convenient to just have it all through the console.

brentnycum 1

Which headphones do you have? The Steelseries with Bluetooth? And can you pick where the mic goes? Like if I want to run music from my computer but do voice chat on the Xbox can you do that.

Barnyard-Shneef 1

Yup Steelseries Arctis 3 Bluetooth! I don't believe there's a way to designate where the mic input goes to, but I've never had an issue. I've had the same set up as you described in the past and it worked flawlessly.

I've actually ran it both ways: Bluetooth using my phone/laptop with 3.5 mm plugged in for game audio and Bluetooth for game audio (on my Switch w/ a Bluetooth adapter) with 3.5 mm plugged into phone for Discord.

I've never used Discord and Xbox chat at the same time to see where mic input goes to, but I'd imagine it would output to both.

I highly recommend them, though. I bought them specifically as a decently priced way to mix audio since I mainly play Xbox and my buddy plays PC, but they get a bunch of bonus points for audio quality and being super comfortable. That ski headband they put on there was genius.