Discovery queue 1 card reward only?

by SendBobosAndVegane. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    4    11

Didn't it give 3 on previous sales?


-SammyP6- 1

i got 3 on day 1, and then 1 yesterday

ffisk 1

I never received a card for my first discovery queue on day 1 lol

LukeSkywrathmage 1

This year cards are more valuable. I always sell all the cards I got so I'm fine with this change.

[deleted] 1


chrismash 3

Is the anti semitism needed?


what anti semitism? jews are known to be greedy, money-hungry, they are famous for their banking and jewelry sectors...

CottonCandyShork 1

That anti semitism

Jondycz 3

Well, at least the cards are worth 10¢ instead of 4¢ the day after sale started, so you're actually getting more money by selling it.


1 at 10c is not more than 3 at 4c unless my limited maths isn't working...?

Jondycz 4

2¢ Is the market fee