Disintegration and Rocket Arena free weekend trials now available

by Blackout797. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    40    18

Rocket Arena


Available/playable until 8/2. Requires Gold.


TurkusGyrational 1

Disintegration frame rate on OG Xbox One id atrocious

JagrXBox 2

Why isn't rocket arena on sale? It's like $5 every other platform. Figured $10 worst case on Xbox since it's $10 on disc so many places.

Reddawn1458 2

I’m actually excited to try both of these! They sound like they have their own unique hooks that could be pretty fun if they click with you

branant221 3

Rocket Arena is super fun , but I don't understand why it was not F2P from the start.

FrozenRage1989 4

So I bought Disintegration today because it was $30 on the Xbox store but I spent 8 minutes in matchmaking unable to find a match. Maybe it was just the slow time of the day?

namapo 5

It's probably because it's a bit shit and nobody's playing. Sorry dude. Refund it before you hit the 2hr mark.

FrozenRage1989 2

what's the 2 hour mark? Like 2 hours played on it or owning it for 2 hours?

namapo 2

2 hours played.

FrozenRage1989 1

Oh ok, I definitely just did the tutorial and tried to find a MP game. I did the request for a refund and am waiting to see what MS says to me.

grimoireviper 6

I'm pretty sure the game was DOA. The beta didn't really do them any favours either.

Batmans_other_butler 11

Rocket Arena really feels like it will be F2P or in GP soon, I can’t see it surviving without it.

Disintegration was on my list to look deeper into before it launched so I’ll give that a try.

grimoireviper 2

Isn't Rocket Arena an EA game? If anything it will probably go to EA Access soon I think.

cridder5 2

Tweeted the devs RE this, I personally love the game and I’m quite picky generally. It needs to be F2P to survive the playerbase is so small as it stands. I’ve gotta be honest as well the only reason I paid for it was I had £15 in MS wallet to play with from rewards.

BeastMaster0844 5

It’s an EA game. It won’t come to gamepass. Just Access.

Laughing__Man_ 5

>Rocket Arena really feels like it will be F2P or in GP soon, I can’t see it surviving without it.

It is 10 bucks at game stop. It has been 2 weeks since it released.

Batmans_other_butler 2

Cheapest price at any shop in Australia is $50, it’s actually cheaper digital for once which is very odd

Jackamalio626 8

At least people seem to LIKE Rocket Arena.

Every review ive seen for Disintegration makes it seem miserable and boring.