Do 360 games ever go on sale on the digital store?

by jggdallas13. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    9

New to Xbox backwards compatibility was a big reason I picked one up. I know there will be sales on games but do the 360 games ever go on sale? There are a lot of titles I want to pick up at some point.





3 games is a huge list of games for you?

StrangerJim66 1

Yes, but keep in mind game prices are set by the publisher not MS. If you dont mind changing disk physical copies are usually cheaper especially 360 games.

VolitarPrime 1

There are usually some every week. But they are often repeats and there are a lot of them that never seem to go on sale.

glennf14 1

I recently converted most of my physical 360 games to digital, and it was not fun due to the lack of discounts. I was patient and eventually got discounts on maybe half of them (converted about 20 games). I'm guessing these games just aren't on the radar to be discounted. The Microsoft Store and Xbox Marketplace still being somewhat separate entities doesn't help either. Every now and then when there's a "publisher sale" you'll see some 360 games and maybe even their DLC discounted. For example, right now I'd like to buy Mirror's Edge, Orange Box, and Portal 2 on digital but they've been $15/$20 for the longest time. I recently bought Mirror's Edge Catalyst for like $5 haha. A little annoying.

Gears6 2

Good news is that I have seen Portal 2 and Orange Box on sale multiple times in the (long) past, so it is bound to go on sale again. I'm waiting on Ninja Gaiden II. Never seen it on sale.

glennf14 2

Another random [xbox one] game is Titanfall. You can have it physically for dirt cheap, but I've never seen it on sale digitally. Yet Titanfall 2 has been on sale digitally many times.

Gears6 2

It was on sale a number of times prior to TF2 launching. TF1 didn't really have a proper campaign. It was basically a MP only game so that is probably why.

I haven't checked lately, but I assume the community is pretty dead on it.

C00kiebreed 1

Yes, sometimes there are 360 games on sale, most of the time you have to go down all the way but on summersale etc there are also 360 games

Johnny_X89 3

Yes, pretty much every week there are new games with discounts (search for the deals with gold) plus there are always sales campaigns, which may or not include Xbox 360 games on it.