DO NOT PICK DARK SEER OR GYRO at the moment. Blademail is bugged and returns 20 damage per tick whilst active.

by GenericUsername02. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    97    24

EDIT: fixed now

The passive functions correctly and doesn't proc against ion shell/rocket barrage, however when activated, returns 20 magic damage + the tick damage per tick, which is a LOT.



ValkyGr 1

i tested it myself and it seems to be fixed

Gnome_Stomperr 1

Everyone forgetting poor shadow shaman


Not a bug, there is now a 20 base damage added on to every instance of damage from blademail.


You made that up. That's not what the patch note says at all.

TheRickinger 4

It's actually true, the patch notes say it returns 20+20% passively, which is calculated for every dmg instance.


It says it applies to attacks.

chefsaysok 1

No, the passive part of blademail only applies to auto-attacks.

Edit: I don't know if they just massively nerfed blademail in the past few hours or if it was always intended to be this.

Jazdac 1

that‘s what the passive says. the description of the active says that it just increases the passive effect by 80% and makes it reflect all damage types. so at least based on the item description, this is actually working as intended.

chefsaysok 1

It's not worded like that but you have the general idea. What I'm saying is what's shown in the video isn't happening anymore.

rastla 1

why though

[deleted] 2


M1QN 1

attack damage is not spell damage. Morbid mask doesent give you lifesteal from spells, octarine core does not give you lifesteal from attacks

RivinX 3

It's likely a bug. It should not be returning the spell damage using the passive formula while active. Ion shell isn't an attack. Neither is rocket barrage.

abdullahkhalids 2

Radiance? Pudge rot?

TheRickinger 1

Radiance only ticks once every second, so it's not too bad, dunno about rot though

winnage 7

I would not call that a bug. Just a potential oversight.


How big of an oversight?

kevinnatalee 1

The biggest

trolloc1 3

I'm not sure you understand what bugs are...

dcfennell 50

Is this truly a bug? ...or just the expected Dark Seer nerf in advance?

I'm a master tier seer. I'm preparing for the worst when hero updates come.

Jazdac 1

the item description actually can be interpreted in the way that this is intentional. it say that the active increases the damage reflection effect by 80% and makes it reflect all damage types. i thought they just worded it poorly, but maybe they really did want to say that it does this.

BirdSetFree 1

How would you go about fixing it though? Decrease the number of ticks on ion shell or code blademail so that if you receive a damage instance of less than x amount do not activate return?

Anteater776 2

I think it’s not about the return damage, it’s about the added flat damage of 20 per tick that makes it so bad. The solution is to remove for these kind of spells, just like they apparently did with blade mails passive.

jackshark22 18
  • Vacuum Cool down increased by 15 seconds
pokeaim 22
  • movement speed reduced by to 5