Do you have brand loyalty in your set up

by jonk1183. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    47

Do you match your peripherals as far as brand goes or do you just get whatever you like/want?


Milestailsprowe 1

Razer peripherals as their customer support has always been good to me. Also they make things I like.

Noctua fans as they are the best.

Silverstone for power supplies and random accessories. I use sfx psu's mainly and their psu's have never given me a issue.

Corsair ram. Those sticks have always been rock solid and I will continue to purchase from them if they stay that good

Everything else has been what is best atm

MetalGearMk3 1

No I could care less and just want whatever works

jimanjr 1

The only 2 things of the same brand that I have are the case and PSU: Corsair. And that's mostly coincidence.

I always pick things based on the intersection of what's best performing, what has good build quality and what is available in my local stores.

Thegevin 1

Logitech - mouse, keyboard, webcam

Sennheiser - headphones, headset, & amp

Creative - speakers

Hey what's a good or great speaker brand for quality?

I only got my Creative ones 'cuz of convenience & a sale.

bideodames 1

Nope. I don't really care about matching or the RGB sync. I am more concerned about features and performance than cohesion in style

the_abortionat0r 1

Hell no, there is no one company that does everything best.

I run a G502, Roccat taito, Ducky one 2 mini, BenQ Zowie, Sennheiser HD650, MayFlower ARC, and a mod mic.

The rest in my tag.

I just find what ever fits the bill and brand be damned.

Which mean no razor products as they're never good.

LuntiX 1

I usually go for whatever I like, but I’m still loyal to brands. Logitech for mice, Audio Technica and Beyerdynamics for headphones, etc.

Shinuz 1

I used to love steelseries and had everything from them; keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset.

Nowadays I just mix and match, I have a Glorious mouse, Das keyboard, Steelseries mouse pad, HD6xx headphones + Neewer mic.

NapoleonBlownApart1 1

APC for uninterruptible power supply. Seasonic for power supplies. notASUS copypasted cooling solution for GPUs

  jonk1183 1

Yea i have Logitech mouse and keyboard but a arctis wireless pro headset as i felt it was a better than the pro x Logitech

Averen 1

I like Asus. No real reason

_Princess_Lilly_ 1

nah. i have brand disloyalty though, fuck corsair

ScarsUnseen 1

My waterblocks have been Watercool for the last few builds, but that's about as far as that goes. Otherwise I just get whatever works for each specific build. I would say my last build has made me a loyal fan of Case Labs, but they went out of business not long after I got my case from them.

wowverynicecool 1

I have relative loyalty to NVIDIA/Intel but it’s brought on from an older time.

I use Logitech peripherals to keep the RGB the same and I like the builds.

Johnysh 1

If it works and I'm satisfied I'm not changing.

TryBlockingThis 2

What is matching? /s

I just get whatever is the best price to quality while having all the features I want, though I'm a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to peripherals. So I have a Philips SHP9500, a Blue Snowball iCE, a Corsair K70 RGB MK.2, and a Redragon M901 MMO mouse (also known as Perdition).

Headphones and mic cost me about $100 together, the keyboard cost around $100 when I got it (early 2019) and the mouse is $30-35


Matching i mean like if you have a Logitech mouse. Do you also have a Logitech keyboard and headset? Or do you just match mouse ans keyboard and not headset etc...

TryBlockingThis 2

....I was making a joke, though I understand it's hard to do sarcasm in text.


I'm done with Intel on the basis that they're adding unnecessary pins to motherboards to gouge customers.

It also helps that Intel sucks shit right now so I wouldn't go with them anyways.

glowpipe 2

I go for whats best, regardless of brand, and sadly price (its ruining me!). only rule is no AMD. the amount of issues and bullshit ive had to deal with, with amd through the last 15 years. Never again.

TanookiPhoenix 2

Some parts of the internals are from the same brand, but peripherals are different. Whatever works.

zJordan 2


Come to think of it, I don't actually own two components with a common manufacturer in my build. I have a very diverse build.

bogus83 2

The only people with brand loyalty are those with an incentive to do so. Streamers and reviewers get free stuff, so do "brand ambassadors" or influencers.

If you're not being incentivised... why would you ever buy something that's less good or a worse value than an available alternative? It's not like this is a game where we get "set bonuses" for matching items.

Kalalat 2

I like Logitech mouses and keyboards. No real loyalty, they're just nice quality at a good price.

Sennheiser headphones, they've never disappointed me and I doubt I'll be changing from them.

For hardware I don't care as long as it's good quality and price.

AdminfantryCommander 2

Certain brands make certain items better. I use a razer death adder mouse, but the original version. When it starts to break or die, I replace it with another old model. The new model is shit by comparison from a quality perspective. For headphones, I run closed Seinheiser 598s via a DAC/AMP for games, and the open back variant of the same cans for listening to FLAC music files. The 144hz ASUS monitor that can run 3D is an excellent product. As for keyboards, I have a cherry mx red through Steelseries, but I liked my old Logitech G610 Orion Red better. Once this keyboard dies, I'll probably get another G610 to replace it.

sanjurodlc 2

I have been buying motherboards only from ASUS for the past 3 PCs I had. I think I'll keep doing this if possible as I both like the looks and the sound part of their MBs. Great capacitors, separated channels lanes, amazing amplification, and entire sound components isolated from the rest of the board. It's very high quality for a integrated solution even on their cheapest MBs. The VRMs also have always behaved good with my setups. And of course, the prices are usually very fair.

Also AMD. A few PCs ago I was all about intel+nvidia. Then I got a intel+amd and it was by far the most stable and capable system I ever had for a very good price. Next one I am pretty sure it'll be a all AMD one, intel and nvidia are just supidly overpriced and underperforming for what they ask currently.

Wireless_Sinner 2

I buy all my products based on research, other people's reviews, and my personal experience with using a company's past products.

ATM I'm using mainly Corsair peripherals for my PC. The reason being that it's just much simpler to control and tweak the devices using a single piece of software, which in my case would be iCUE.

I've mixed and matched products in the past and ended up using multiple pieces of software to control all them, but in my experience this has always led to software conflicts, especially when it comes down to controlling the RGB components.

GhettoAssDuck 2

Corsair. Expensive ik but i love their designs etc.
All corsair except my mouse and case.

blackroseMD1 2

Most of my build tends to be EVGA, just because they make good products with excellent customer service. My mouse and keyboard right now are both Logitech, but I've been having some issues with the keyboard, so I may try another brand next time I need to replace them.

Yelebear 2

I'm a sucker for Silverstone cases.

Everything I've used from them has been super well built.

Cartina 2

I think the only one I have is Nvidia and graphics cards, I don't know why I don't feel like getting AMD. Suppose I'm just brainwashed.

Otherwise I just buy stuff with good reviews or recommendations that fits my budget.

Johnsmith13371337 3

Hell no, i do research and buy whatever is the best regardless of who makes it.

I have been Intel and NVIDIA for about 15 years, but the moment AMD is better they will go in the bin.

Darkseid_One 1

For CPU yes. But GPU Nvidia is still king.

allyc4t 6

My only rule is to never buy Razer.

  jonk1183 1

That bad huh?

allyc4t 1

Yes. I’ve never had a Razer product last longer than 3 months. Extremely poor build quality.

I can recommend Logitech for mice. Corsair makes good keyboards too.

LogeySmalls 8

No but I do try to keep my rgb components from the same company so I can control them with the same software.

wag3slav3 2

I agree, it costs like a gig of ram to get a razer peripheral to not be stuck on random color cycling and once you paid that bill might as well have another device on the same system.

prodbyalvi 29

I don't have brand loyalty, i have quality loyalty.

Buttermilkman 1

Same. At least, I went AMD because Nvidia were taking the piss with their monopoly. At this point I'm just going to upgrade to whoever has the best price to performance GPU. Same with CPU. Well, kinda. Intel have had so many security flaws and they're still stuck at 14nm so both those things really puts me off their CPU's.

msbr_ 3

Yep same

BahamutxD 3

Pretty much this.

Darkseid_One 12

> i have quality loyalty

Which is why many of us avoid Razer products.

bluebottled 2

Came to say exactly this. I had a Deathadder that developed a double clicking issue, returned it and got a replacement, which developed it even quicker. Last time I buy anything Razer.

Darkseid_One 5

Same here. I got a DA 2013 because I watched a video from Hardware Canucks and Dimitri said he recommended it and thought it would be a good mouse to replace my old aging Logitech G9x. Got a double click issue 6 months in just with normal use. I had my G9x for years and it never did that. RMA'd the Razer and got a new replacement which double clicked 4 months in. Swore off their products after that and replaced with a wired G-Pro which is still working flawlessly today. My cousin has a Razer Blade 15 Advanced model who has had things like the battery swelling, coil while on the laptop and charger, loose keyboard keys, and dead pixels. And he's RMA'd it 4 times already and keeps getting issues. But he likes it because 1 he's young (18) and thinks Razer is "cool" and 2 it looks like a Macbook Pro.

I know someone here will comment on how they have had a Razer product that hasn't given them issues but the fact of the matter is they have more reported issues than a lot of other peripheral company out there. It's great if you haven't had issues still doesn't change the fact that if you are paying that much for a Razer product, you should expect quality control standards.

justinlcw 3

Logitech's quality is consistently good, hell even Steelseries is more reliable than Razer.

i rather buy Winrar over Razer.

artos0131 1

Logitech makes great hardware, not so much software, it's buggy as hell.