Do you think Eastern Europe will get local currencies added?

by ayylmao23ayy. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    13    23

I'm speaking about countries like Romania, Bulgaria etc. I mean, Poland got its local currency despite being in the EU so I'm thinking that it's possible in those countries I mentioned as well.


Maybe they'll add support for more currencies soon, given the fact that they added a strict measure recently regarding VPN-hopping


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Seeing all the Eu regulations,only countries who could get their currencies are:Ukraine,Belarus,Serbia,(North)Macedonia.

kkcin 3

why is that?

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They're not in EU,they have their own currency but its unlikely for Serbia to want one seeing that we all just use euros for everything bigger than grocery shopping

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Valve is probably just waiting for Russia to start annexing. (just kidding)

What European countries aren't part of the EU or don't use Euros?

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9 .The number of EU countries that do not use the euro as their currency; the countries are Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and the United Kingdom

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>Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and the United Kingdom

Last of them is not like the others :)

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It has been like this for years, i doubt its going to change anytime soon

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Bosnian here, I pay game 60€ and thats 35% of monthly sallary here. Ty Gaben

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No, we'll probably use euros in the store as there's no reason for adding our currencies. Also, we can't get regional prices as for the EU ruling.

  ayylmao23ayy 1

I thought about the EU ruling as well but then again, Poland is part of EU and they have PLN in their region

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I think they had PLN currency before the ruling that took place about 3-4 years ago. They used to have regional prices, that I know for sure. Now they pay the equivalent in their own currency so there's no reason for it. The currency just gets converted to EUR. Never had an issue with anything.

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That's not true at all, it's not just a EUR to PLN conversion. Valve's default/suggested converted prices actually seem to be associated with USD rather than EUR. For instance, it defaults to 107.99 PLN for a $30 game, at a fairly good rate of 3.6, as opposed to over 130, which would be the EUR equivalent (e.g. Grounded). Outside of AAA titles (whose publishers indeed typically change these prices to match EUR), we can actually end up paying around 15% less for most other games. So while it's nowhere near Russian prices, it's certainly better than nothing, and sure beats paying in euros.

By "used to have regional prices" I assume you're referring to the now-defunct EU2 Steam region, but in practice the vast majority of games had exactly the same prices set for EU1 and EU2, even before that EU ruling. The introduction of our own currency (which we've only had for less than 3 years, BTW) didn't change anything in that regard, it's still perfectly possible for a game to have regional pricing (e.g. Factorio).

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What EU regulation?

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If an apple supplier charges 1 euro for 1 apple in The Netherlands and then decides to sell his apples in another EU country he also has to sell it 1 euro in another EU country. The same thing goes for games.

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What no they do not. You also have different Prices on the Switch Eshop in those countries. What they cannot do however is to geoblock the shop from another EU Country because the EU is a trading union. Because of that regional pricing would again lead to some people using vpn to go to the cheapest EU store.

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Oh. Well. Thats kinda nice, but it kind of fucks up the regional pricing thing...

If only we could force companies to sell it at the lowest regional price

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> we can't get regional prices as for the EU ruling

thats dumb. if your salaries are different enough youd want regional pricing, then regional pricing should be allowed

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EU thinks otherwise. Their goal is to make the expenses, salaries and everything the same across EU, but that is plain impossible! The differences are so high they can never merge it! For example, salaries in Czech or Slovakia are 4 times as low as in Germany. When you go work your ass off in some manufacturing company in Germany, you can get twice as much as what you'd get for "well paid" job in Czech that requires a degree or something. Yet we pay the same prices for everything. Oh, not to mention... Food in Germany is cheaper, so many Czechs actually go on shopping trips to make big purchases, because they save money by doing so, even if that means spending hundreds of dollars on gas.


But think of the 'stralians!!! When they have to pay 5% more than 'muritards. My gawd, they have it so bad dude!
It's not like their minimum wages are even higher than US, right?
Jeez, I really feel for them... I truly do...

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that just sounds messed up