Do you think the new xbox looks good?

by DeathPaint. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    0    10

I like it.



Yeah man! Doubles as a mini fridge for snacks!

theoneandonly40 1

OMG that's all I can think about now. Having like either a console or computer with a fridge in it . Omg that's a million dollar idea

SRMort 1

No, it looks functional and it’ll blend in with all the other black boxes below the TV, so it’s fine.

dedkola 1

Not good, it’s awesome. Rly love it

ajwest927 1

It's OK

succan 1


thedanielcueto 1

I think it looks sexy.

ClassierPompano 2

It looks really professional.

Captobvious75 2

It looks like a rectangle. 🤷‍♂️

Duck_God_Tenshi 2

Its not bad imo it's looks clean