Does anyone have games that you believe improves your mind and concentraion?

by JohnnyCupcakes. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    12    24

I am curious what some people believe are improvement games for someones brain such as an RTS for example or something that requires difficult or unique ways of thinking and are left to believe they come out mentally stronger or smarter from playing. Lets hear them




LuisSempai 1

Hackernet comes to mind for me, its challenging and has helped me wrap my mind around the more basic and moderate levels of white hat hacking

felsovm1 1

Total war and rainbow six siege.

  JohnnyCupcakes 1

siege? lmao what

Dortmunder1 1

Epistory perhaps.

Though it will mostly just help with your typing speed and spelling :p

Xamado 1

portal n half life for sure

Knucled 1

Tetris. Yeah, simple as that. Playing at least 30 minutes of Tetris everyday can improve your brain - and that's not me talking; Google it and you'll see the results.

Tetris Effect is especially a good candidate for everyday training, as it has several 'zen' modes where you can play with no speed increase, no loss condition, etc (and it has the regular modes of course). It's simply beautiful.

  JohnnyCupcakes 1

i love tetris

Adrian_Alucard 1
  JohnnyCupcakes 1


Authvrennil 1

I just started to play Cypher, it forces you to think

boredorangefox 1

A lot of puzzle games I just search on steam with this tag. Portal. And I have ADHD e some doctors suggested to me geometry dash and bit trip.

  JohnnyCupcakes 2

i love geometry dash but they dont have the gamemode they had on xbox where you just run away for as long as you can. me and my friends would just play that for hours on end in middle school

XenosG 1

OSU , a lot of concentration

  JohnnyCupcakes 4

strong pass

Azure_Fang 3

Perfectly honest: Super Hexagon has helped me with focus and concentration.

  JohnnyCupcakes 2

looks like a good suggestion. ill give it a go!

Azure_Fang 2

Just be warned, it can be extremely infuriating as well. Best played in short bursts, at least in my opinion.

Jondycz 3

The room, half life, Portal.

salad_tongs_1 3

Beseige and Opus Magnum come to mind. Any 'engineering' sort of game where you have to build the solution with trial and error.

  JohnnyCupcakes 1

>im thinking less creative and more focus oriented. ive been playing some aoe2 lately and it's something else in that category.

ConstantNewbie 6

Baba is You forces you to think outside the box, and stops you from having preconceived notions about how things work

  JohnnyCupcakes 1

very interesting ill check it out thank you

TheTalkingKeyboard 10

Idk but factorio sure can make you wrack your brain.