Does anyone think Marvels Avengers will be added to game pass

by fazeligma28. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    14

I hear the game isn’t all that great but I don’t mind that I just like comic books and superhero’s and wanna give the game a try but before I buy it I wanna know if you guys think there’s a chance for it to be added to game pass in the near future.



Yes. Almost certainly. It will sell an untold number of Series S’s.

kthecatalyst89 1

Maybe in a year or so, possibly more, depending on how it sells.

TheAllslayer 2

If what we've seen so far is any indication, Square Enix = basically guaranteed to come to game pass.

WVgolf 2

Not anytime soon no

Neural_MX 2

It's got Sony marketing, so definitely not for at least 12 months. In the future who knows: now we're getting Destiny 2, but it launched 3 years ago (and with Sony marketing).

lehigh_larry 1

Why would the marketing rights affect Xbox decision? Is that how those deals work?

Neural_MX 1

Cause going to Game Pass isn't an Xbox only decision. It's a commercial agreement between Xbox and the publisher/developer. And when they have marketing deals with Sony, they can't have other commercial deals with other platform holders.

HopperPI 2

Sony has the marketing rights so not for a long while.

Duyakka-D-Smokka 2

Probably not near future

sb307 3

Yeah, there’s a chance, but don’t expect it to come on any time soon as it’s a fairly new game.

mull3t 3

Maybe next year, but not anytime soon. Too new


Yeah I figured that, thanks though

mull3t 2

It would be a pleasant surprise, I know I'd like more friends to play with.

unabatedshagie 1

It being new doesn't necessarily mean it won't, there have been games released straight to game pass.

That being said, give it a few months until the player base drops off and there is more of a chance it'll be added.