Does steam have a built in way to track FPS, average FPS, .1% lows?

by kingdom-wolf1. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    2    5

Does stream have a built in way to do this or do I have to use 3rd party software? Sorry if this is not the right subreddit to ask this but I don’t know what is if this is not the right subreddit can anyone tell me what is?


ReapingSalvation 1

I’m pretty sure off the top of my head, MSI Afterburner has the option to show the 1% lows.

playtio 5

It only shows current fps.

  kingdom-wolf1 1

What software should I use for the other 2 I don’t need it to benchmark the game and keep the information I just need to know how well my laptop plays the game after 1 1/2 hours so I can know if it would run better on the ps4 and I need to return it.

playtio 2

I haven't used it myself but Afterburner is very popular and I think it can do that. Look into it.

  kingdom-wolf1 1

K thanks.