Does the Xbox still do that thing where it makes a special chime noise at with a special symbol when you unlock a rare achievement?

by JasonABCD. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    17    11

I sold off my Xbox one a year ago and I'm just wondering if it still does this.

And will this likely continue into the Xbox Series X?

It sounds lame but I really really like this feature and it's a big factor in my ongoing debate about whether to go Xbox or Playstaion next gen.


IIBlittzII 1

Yes it does, and I love hearing that sound when I unlock a Rare Achievement. Whenever that sound starts playing I say out loud, "Helllll yeah" LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‚

bunch_of_hocus_pocus 1

Sure does. It's a really cool feature.

I believe the dashboard in Series X is going to be the same, so I imagine the achievements and notification sounds will be the same as well.

Paulinasearching 1

I'm pretty sure the chime is played with achivetmens, or I never had a special achievement before.

Ricanlegend 3

You never had one of these before ?

Paulinasearching 1

I swear that chime pops up with ever achievement unlocked. For I t.c s the only one I hear.

Gaulson 9

I like it as well. It doesn't feel special for me though because it seems almost every achievement in a game are rare. Especially when you get 20% through a game past all the people that start playing then stop.

IIBlittzII 1

Rare Achievements are base off the % of people who unlock them. There are some Achievements that are considered "Rare" in the beginning, but once more people start to unlock a specific Achievement normally, it will eventually become a "Common" Achievement in the game. With that being said, if you look at a game's Achievement list, you will see a number% underneath the described Achievement, which then indicates what Achievements are Common/Rare.

Gaulson 5

I understand how it works. Most of the time even playing games that have passed the hype phase of people playing have rare achievements once you pass halfway through the game. So the rare achievements don't have much value as there are too many people who start a game and stop after an hour or so.

cruelkillzone 2

I've noticed that most achievements to finish the campaign on games are rare. People don't finish em.

PartyInTheUSSRx 2

Yeah, or games like Planetfall where 95% of the achievements are rare because itโ€™s such a time sink

yeeted_of_a_bridge 21

Yes it does

It probably will continue for the series x