Don't get got for non native english speakers

by Mokelelasi. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    4    4

I was happy to see that SUSD is having a Kickstarter for new set for Don't get got. I was about to pledge on one game but then started to think: Is it worth it for players that are all non native english speakers. Are there lot of missions where you have to use english in order for the mission to go through (in the original game)? At least the mission that is common for all the players is annoyingly one of those.


Devilpuppet 5

The only thing we felt we had to translate was the "Guess what?"-task everyone has. Everything else we played, could easily be translated and completed, without being a problem.

In the end, it's about having fun, and if that means that your task has been translated a bit freely to be completed, that's fine. Otherwise you can do a vote, if you're not sure.

CaptainMilly 11

I didn't know don't get got was a game and the title was really confusing...

rekirts 2

I took it as Don't get 'Game of Thrones' for non-native english speakers and was wondering what the deal was

mipakr 3

Guess What? ... You Got Got!