Don’t sleep on Observation, recently added to Game Pass.

by ctan0312. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    136    51

I remember seeing this game on the list of games coming soon, then games recently added to Game Pass. Both times i didn’t really think much of it since I didn’t see much hype for it coming. I checked out it’s trailer on the Microsoft store while looking for a new game and it looked really interesting. I’m now what I assume is pretty deep into the game and I can say for sure this is not one to miss. It’s like a combination of Tacoma, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar and Ad Astra. Some spooky stuff but in a fear of the unknown kind of way, not jump scares, which is how I like it.

tldr; download and try Observation.



After seeing what they are doing with this game on next gen consoles I'm gonna hold of until then.

WookieeWiener 1

you might be thinking of Observer? or did this also get a next gen announcement?


Great idea. Horrible gameplay. Movement is brutal and the game can bug ending your ability to proceed further.

Novacrush 1

I actually saw a comment which trashed the game in another thread, which almost made me avoid the game. I'm glad I decided to play it after all because it's the sort of thing that is in my wheel-house. I sometimes like shorter, tighter narrative experiences, with some non-conventional gameplay. Definitely give the game a try if you don't mind "walking simulators", or in this case, "floating simulator". 😉

By the way, the main protagonists are voiced by the actors who did Samuels and Amanda Ripley in "Alien Isolation"! They did a great job.

CakeAK 1

Good observation OP.

subflavus 1

I tried playing Delivery Us The Moon but idk I didn't hate it but I just wasn't connecting with it. Didn't finish it either. Very excited to try this though, concept seems great for a game.

fragilemetal 1

Played a good chunk of it last night. Great atmosphere and voice acting. Doesn't hand hold either which I like. Well... with the exception of the 20 minutes spacewalking looking for hatch clamps instead of the monitor that controls them. Otherwise, really enjoyable.

ineffiable 2

It is fantastic. I like it a lot more than 'bring us the moon' so far.

D_Ashido 1

Loved that game, I remember playing the alpha at PAX East in 2017, and it was great to see the feedback incorporated into the game.

Autarch_Kade 2

It's alright, worth killing an afternoon with. The camera effects and motion are an absolute nightmare for some people though. I don't even get motion sick and a few hours in I was really done with all these unneeded effects.

NeverInterruptEnemy 2

I’ll try it as soon as I finish the fucking excellent Outer Wilds. Man, that game got shafted by being too similar in name to Outer Worlds. I haven’t played a game that felt so much like the puzzles of Myst.... since Myst.

Gamepass is the shit.

  ctan0312 3

Take as much time as you need for Outer Wilds! That was my GotY for sure.

NeverInterruptEnemy 2

I’m almost done. I think I know what to do to wrap it up. I have the coordinates and I know where to get a warp core.

What a fantastic indie game! You can tell it’s fairly low budget and made by people who really liked what they were making.

EDIT: just finished it. Holy shit... if you have t played this game...!!

vibroguy 2

Played/cleared it yesterday. Great atmosphere and chilling story. Going back to it today to get all the achievements

WookieeWiener 1

how long do you think it took to complete?

vibroguy 2

5hrs first run through, 3 the next

WookieeWiener 1

EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Will play it on my days off tomorrow, thanks!

Ozlin 2

Fully agree with you. I played about an hour and a half of it tonight and really enjoyed it so far. Some of the tasks take a bit of figuring out, but I've been pleasantly surprised in how forgiving and patient the game is. I'm sure if I was the astronaut in this situation I'd be frustrated by how long I'm taking as the AI. I love the concept though, it's such an interesting reversal to typical game relationships, where you'd be the human working with an AI. It actually feels a bit like the other side of Bring Us the Moon, but I enjoy Observation a bit more so far. I also think they did an excellent job of creating an immersive game play experience like with the UI and how encounters go down. I can kinda feel like I'm in the ship and part of it. Great music too, and love how its tempo reflects what you're doing with tasks. It's got a prefect level of intensity for me too, where it's exciting and spooky, but also kinda chill and not terrifying.

Yeah, so far I'm enjoying it. Really creative game play. A different experience from a lot of other games.

DoubleEast 3

Man. You right. The ending of the first part was chilling. “I don’t know”. I got a good feeling about this game.

derekmholden 3

Is there a way to turn off the strobing effect? It hurt my eyes when I tried to play.

ViridianDuck 1

I don't think so. The game hurt my eyes too, the strobing and the movement. The font and the font size aren't good either (although that happens to many games). It also hurt my ears with the alarms and then that terrible sound when the thing appears

  ctan0312 2

Unfortunately I don’t think so. Turn down the gamma so it’s not very bright maybe?

TurkusGyrational 6

Finished it and it is fantastic. Like playing a game of the movie Annihilation

XboxSeriesXHype 14

Game Pass has been on a roll this month. I’m highly enjoying Night Call, Observation, The Messenger and Streets of Rogue.

xsleepy_headx 1

Been playing streets of rogue for years! Was so glad to see it come to game pass because it deserves so many more fans.

XboxSeriesXHype 2

It’s great to see Game Pass help get this game out in front of more people!

Bluelight01 1

I’ve heard The Messenger is really good and downloaded it today. Haven’t had a chance to start it but looking forward to it!

XboxSeriesXHype 5

So far it’s challenging but not too hard with a good amount of checkpoints! Plus, unlike Shovel Knight which has what feels like an unfair knockback distance with a ton of instakill pits, knockback is short and you can get an upgrade early on to do a recovery jump. Plus, you can hit enemies, projectiles and other objects in mid air and then jump to double jump, which is high risk high reward, giving you a lot of momentum if done correctly. ALSO unlike Shovel Knight, your progress actually saves at checkpoints and you don’t have to restart the level if you can’t complete it in one sitting.

Bluelight01 1

I’ve never played Shovel Knight but sounds great. I heard of The Messenger in a thread by someone asking for games similar to Hollow Knight. If you’ve never played it I highly recommend it! One of my favorite games I’ve played this year and it’s on game pass!

JaydedGaming 3

If you have ultimate, pick up coffee talk on games with gold. It's a visual novel with some very minor almost puzzle solving elements. I'm usually not one for visual novels, but honestly it's so relaxing. It's a chill game that you can throw on to unwind for a while, and it's one of my favorite indie games to date.

XboxSeriesXHype 2

Yeah, Coffee Talk is the best Gold game I’ve played in a while, and I ended up buying to own.

PeeWeePangolin 5

Night Call is incredible. The writing is some of best I've seen in video games. Fair warning: it is a Parisian, detective, noir visual novel so there's a lot of reading involved. But man, is it immersive and moody.

Bandito_Main 10

These days I got bored of MPs so I tried to go all in with the indies.

Observation, Night Call, Dead Cells, Slay The Spire, Sea Salt, The Messenger, Coffee Talk, West Of The Dead... these games are so slept on.

It's kinda odd to see how non-AAA games give you more "satisfaction" than AAA titles nowadays.

TweeKINGKev 3

That’s because we know almost everything about them before they come out, they’re super hyped up by everybody and when something goes down that we don’t expect or like, we are all much more upset about it.

Night call (the one with the guy who replaces someone in a robbery I think) was magnificent because I had no expectations at all as it pertains to gameplay, story (beyond the description) or anything else.

Can’t wait to play observation, I noticed it last night and it kind of reminds me of murdered soul suspect, except you’re alive and innocent this time but may not be in the end or if you mess up.

emdave 1

>Night call (the one with the guy who replaces someone in a robbery I think)

That was 'Late Shift' I think, it was a FMV 'choose your adventure' game from Wales Interactive. YouTube trailer

Night Call is the new visual novel / noir game about a taxi driver / investigator in Paris, that just came to Game Pass.

TweeKINGKev 2

Oh crap you’re right lol it is late shift.

It was really good but regardless of choices, most things were the same. Can’t wait to try observation and the a.i. one.

emdave 1

I enjoyed Late Shift, and there were a couple of meaningful choices, but there were quite a few that ended up at more or less the same place. I used the walkthrough, and the last 8 out of 12 or something only changed a few things around at the very end. It was still a good experience though :)

TweeKINGKev 2

It’s exactly what I did lol.

Very enjoyable though.

Spartyjason 41

As a person who loves loves loves Interstellar, and also loved Ad Astra and 2001...i feel compelled to follow your suggestion. Just know that this comes with a heavy burden, and if I don't enjoy the game I will in fact be very stern in my reaction. I may even say so in a sternly worded response to this post. Are you sure you want to take that risk?


I love science fiction, I love space. I love story driven movies. I’m a fan of Brad Pitt’s work. When I saw Ad Astra released I happily dragged my wife to the theatre to watch.

What followed was the worst 2+ hours of movie watching I’ve ever seen in my life.

Never in my life have I fallen asleep at a movie theatre. I fell asleep TWICE during Ad Astra.

Ad Astra might be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen and as someone who worked in a movie rental place I’ve seen hundreds of thousands.

Autarch_Kade 1

For me, I was really glad to see some of my favorite parts of sci-fi make their way from books to the big screen. A lot of the greatest books I've read in the genre don't focus on the aliens, the spaceships, the tech, or the locations, but use those unfamiliar things as tools to draw more attention to what's familiar. I love when sci-fi is used as a setting to better highlight what's really being talked about - people. It's rare to see a movie that isn't just futuristic action, or crazy alien invasions, and instead focus on people, what they feel, and make it a personal story for the characters.

To me it was one of the best sci-fi movies I've seen in a long time, but there's plenty of other lighter fare for people who aren't fans of science fiction being done in that way. I think a lot of people missed the point, and a lot of people don't care for science fiction's beating heart. But some of us love it, and I hope there are more movies to come that remember the human.

Spartyjason 3

So, I totally get this. I can't even disagree, and while the movie was running I frequently wondered what the heck was going on. But by the end I decided to just view it as more of an experience in sci fi than an actual cohesive story...i guess? Hard to explain. But yeah I wouldn't really recommend it to a lot of people without very specific tastes. But for whatever reason...i still liked it.

TheBigSm0ke 1

Fair enough. I do plan on watching it again one day when I’m bored just to make sure it was as bad as I thought.

  ctan0312 2

Yeah personally Ad Astra just had this weird effect on me coming out of the theater, like I had just watched a visually stunning high budget 2 hours of nothing. I felt like it hopped from place to be place with loose connections. I never really got why the movie was made either. Like why did I just watch all of that, what was the end goal? There was some pretty cool concepts though, like basically Moon Middle East with pirates.

Bravedwarf1 5

Interstellar gang gang!!!!!! It’s gonna cost us a lot of yearssssss

kris9512 1

interestellar is goat

TightAustinite 2


Bravedwarf1 1

Alright alright alright

UbisoftKenobi 12

This is no time for caution.

Download it, it's great.

  ctan0312 20

I will put myself in danger of sternly worded backlash, if it means I may spread the good word of Observation.

Bunch_of_Bangers 2

As long as Brad Pitt is in Observation, you should be good.