Dota2 Mobile?

by LocoDeRemate. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    7

Hi Guys, is any chance you can play Dota 2 in mobile? there are some YT Videos.... But i wanna hear the experts...


bobdisgea 1


xtcDota 1

Technically yes if you use Steam Link.

  LocoDeRemate 1

But you need the PC, its like an extension, i mean like independent from pc.....

OtherPlayers 1

No then.

NixiusNT 2

You can through Geforce Now. You need to find a way to connect a keyboard and mouse to your phone. Also you need a good internet connection.


Wau that is easy, so just download?

NixiusNT 1

Yeah just download the app and try it out.