Dota 2 Reality Check

by BillHoudini. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    2    7

Hey guys! I've been playing casually on and off for the past few years. I also watch a few pro tournaments and 2-3 streamers. I thought I had a good understanding of the game, until I decided to play a few ranked games in order to get calibrated. I ended up being Crusader 1. Sadge

The roles I enjoy playing more are offlane (pos.3) and mid. What advice would you give me? Can a 25 year old with a full time Master degree get to an acceptable level of playing or should I stick to turbo and normal?

Thanks :)


EvilGambit 1

As long as you don't reach low immortal you're fine.
Low Immortal is filled with acc buyers, boosters, racists you name it.
On another note sometimes people take normal games too casually and don't really try to win the game and without a shadow of a doubt the best way to play DotA is when you have 10 people actually trying their best to win the game, and you'll get more off those games playing ranked than not.
If you can always playing ranked in duo or trio I think is best you can have since people don't want to disappoint their friends whereas in pure solo Q people might not care as much.

Also as things you can do yourself is always to an honest effort to win the game despite what everyone else is doing, you're responsible for how you play and how you act in-game.

Might sound a bit tiring but if you make a habit of it you'll have better games and make DotA a fun hobby instead of a second job.


OtherPlayers 1

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t play ranked even at lower levels. Just depends on if you’d rather deal with slightly more griefers on average or if you’d rather deal with multiple people trying to take the same role/5 core teams.

Personally I like ranked because it lets me see how good I’m doing (though you do need to be okay with losing, remember that there’s no difference between a loss in ranked and unranked other than that you can see your score move instead of it being hidden), but there’s nothing wrong with just playing unranked/turbo if that’s what you enjoy.

lenkho 2

Don't step in landmine...if u are happy with normal matches keep it that bad ranked match can ruin ur whole day..🤣🤣

  BillHoudini 1

Yeah, this happened yesterday. I stomped all my normal/turbo and lost almost all my ranked games.

Hunji_ 3

Stick to normal if you wanna have fun... unless you can see yourself spending 6+ hours everyday on the game just to improve and go through the hell hole that is ranked mm. Been playing normal with friends since i got back, way more chill

Endless_Void 1

Hard facts. All my brother and I do is play normal games together and we love dota.

We don’t get game ruiners, trolls, or many bad interactions. Pretty good dotes in my opinion.

  BillHoudini 1

Yes of course, playing normal and turbo is way more chill, but I enjoy the competitive side of Dota as well. Having something on the line is fun.