DotA 2 the game where it's literally impossible to fight without BKB/when it's on cooldown

by qStormz. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    0    18

idk i came back into the game after 2 years break and i can literally die from 3k hp to zero hp in immortal bracket, without people blowing a single big cooldown because of how stupid new heros crowd controls/damage are

in late game i don't even understand whats going on and it's 10x worse, i can literally die as a pos1 to a pos5 AA's ice blast + spirit vessel

give carries items for magic resist or something, supports scale better than real carries in late game and i dont think that should be a thing


ragedoto2 3

Doesnt sound like an immortal player to me :)

ArmsofAChad 3

Bruh everyone's gotten better at every rank on average in the two years. True supports scale a little better than before but theres more options to deal with them than before (particularly with a net worth advantage). Stop trying to 1v3 supports and work with your team.

Your skill and game knowledge stagnated. Get used to it.


yup must be my skill and game knowledge that went down when i got one shoted by a 1k networth snapfire in a chrono cause he pressed ult

my bad

ArmsofAChad 3

You literally just stated you did not know snapfire capabilities and were punished for it. Become self aware.


not playing the game means i never ever saw snapfires abilities interesting

how about you 3k clowns dont try to learn me how this game should work would be great for a start

theres a reason i was rank 200 and everybody contradicting me is 3k rated; you dont understand anything in the game ure playing therefore dont give advice

and apparently dota lost 5 millions unique players, i wonder why :)

ArmsofAChad 3

You WERE rank 200. You clearly aren't anymore and cannot handle that. Sucks man.

Apareshka 3

At least these guys bothered learning heroes spells before going into the game

Reepwastakenwastaken 5

You fit right into dota as toxic as you are.
You shouldn't have quit in the first place


toxic people are braindead clowns like you contradicting me on my statements even tho their rating is negative, if i said i play on immortal level don't come here and try to teach me anything

dota became a clown fiesta deal with it

Nhefluminati 5

> dota became a clown fiesta deal with it

As is apparent by the clown crying on reddit after a pos 5 killed him because he couldn't be bothered to read skill descriptions.

  qStormz 1

imagine thinking reading skill descriptions will change anything to its OPness

imagine being a 3k redditor arguing with someone that plays with and against pros all day long about the game

Reepwastakenwastaken 4

I am smelling some salt over there. But I get it getting killed by a pos 5 cause you didn't put in 5 min to read the skills of the new heros is not on your niveau cause you are the best player.

Nhefluminati 3

> yup must be my skill and game knowledge that went down when i got one shoted by a 1k networth snapfire in a chrono cause he pressed ult

This but unironically

Nhefluminati 3

As if you couldn't die from 3k Hp to zero without anyone using huge cooldowns 5 years ago.


supports wouldnt kill you by pressing random abilities sorry, if you played 5 years ago u wouldve known

Nhefluminati 3

Neither do they now. Matchid of the specific incident you are talking about?

Reepwastakenwastaken 5

Maybe you shouldn't start playing ranked in immortal bracket after such a long break.
Try learning the new heroes and meta in unranked

kakungun 9

satanic gives you status resistance , aeon disk can disturb high burst combos and bkb is really good, supports scale better than before but you will always have the networth advantage unless you are underperfoming a lot, which seems to be the case because you just re-started playing,

every immortal player is playing better now than immortal players 2 years ago