Dota 2 update for 7/29/20 (7/30/20 UTC)

by wickedplayer494. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    49    7

SteamDB has spotted an update for the game:

Size is ~140 MB. More info will be edited in when available.

  • The neutral camp stacking tooltip for Radiant's Ancient camp located near their tier 2 top tower has been adjusted to trigger at :54 instead of :55. It still ends at :57, which is a 3 second window to stack that camp, and now matches Dire's Ancient camp by its tier 2 bottom tower

  • Last call! You now have 4 days left to pick up The International 10 Collector's Cache before it goes off sale.

  • Also on the front page, a "Learn More" button has been added to the section currently occupied by Aghanim's Labyrinth, so you can find out how it's all supposed to work

  • A large majority of this update consists of numerous translations of recently added/modified strings, which are made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You

  • NOTICE (unrelated to this update but worth mentioning): the US East cluster located in Sterling, Virginia continues to remain offline due to a fiber cut. You will need to select an alternate region to matchmake on if you do not already have one or more alternate clusters selected. Expect higher latencies than usual, particularly in coastal regions or on islands.

    • This notice is also applicable to CS:GO and TF2 players passing by as well. For both games, you do not need to take any action as both game coordinators will utilize other nearby clusters automatically.

    • Fiber cuts can take a considerable amount of time to resolve, and it is entirely possible that the US East cluster may not be fully restored until overnight tonight or later. You should give some thought to giving one of your recent Steam summer sale pickups a try.



fixing the important things in dota+ changing pull timing from 55 to 54. now its surely worth $4.

"stack_start" "55"
"stack_start" "54"

maxleng 1

Regarding the stacking thing. So the window is 3 seconds.. does this mean you can agro any time in that 3 second window (:54 - :57) and the camp will stack? Does it matter if you are ranged or melee or what your move speed is? Or if the creeps lose vision of you or not. Stacking always confused me because I thought it was ‘agro at this time and the camp will stack’ but it’s not always the case it seems

pinkfloyd873 1

You don’t need to keep vision but you do need to stay close enough to them that they stay aggro’d. If you have a lot of move speed, you may want to move a little extra slow. I find for that particular camp (radiant ancients) they don’t like to stack if you try to pull them out at :53-:54, but they consistently stack from :55-:56. Shouldn’t matter ranged vs melee aside from the possiblity of moving too fast and they deaggro.

maxleng 1

This makes sense. I played a lot of spirit breaker and stacking was really hit and miss sometimes. And I realize it’s because I always activated phase boots after I agrod because I thought I couldn’t let the creeps hit me otherwise they would turn around and go back

ArrowingLikeNP 2

Anyone knows how to fix this error when purchasing something in the dota2 store(web browser)? Wanted to buy collectors cache but I keep getting this error "An error occurred while attempting to add an item to your cart. Please try again in a few minutes." I've been trying for the past few days...

iordanes 2

Was hoping it was down because they were fixing something...well at least now we know

AbsoluteRadiance 11

Typical west coast Volvo cutting their own fibers to own the east coast.