Edmund McMillen updates on Isaac: Repentance, Four Souls 2.0, Bumbo, Mewgenics

by Gyossaits. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    53    17

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is delayed an additional one to two months:

>Repentance dev is picking up speed again, cutscenes and music are nearly done most of what’s left is bosses/enemies and remaining items ported from antibirth. Our goal was end of summer but it’s looking like there may be a 1-2 month delay on that at this point.

Mewgenics has been reworked in an interesting way:

>Mewgenics is now in full development! @TylerGlaiel and I have reworked everything from the original prototype from 8 years ago into a totally new but familiar monster.

>Originally mewgenics was animal crossing meets Pokémon, at this point I’d describe it like Pokémon meets FFtactics with animal crossing and dnd themes. Super hyped to see where it goes.

Four Souls 2.0 will be Kickstarted early 2021 (not a PC title but is playable through Tabletop Simulator):

>Four souls 2.0 Kickstarter will def be delayed till early next year. This Kickstarter will feature a huge four souls expansion, larger box, loads of highly requested extras and of course lots of new Isaac related figures/plush.

The Legend of Bumbo now has a small team dedicated to PC updates and console ports:

>The legend of Bumbo now officially has a new small team working on pc updates and eventually ports to console. Not much info yet but I’ll post stuff when we have it.


OnlyABob 1

As someone who has only played munchkin and four souls, I would sacrifice my first born son to play four souls, and kill myself if it came to playing munchkin again

I'm sure there are other games like this but foursouls and expansion has given me and my group friends plenty of fun it's dope. I hope the 2.0 expansion comes soon.

Legend of bumbo looks interesting but from all the reviews I've seen imma hold off

Nevzat666 3

He's putting eggs in too many baskets sadly... I don't like his other games at all. It's a shame he doesn't sell the BOI ip to a company willing to dedicate time and resources on it.

All he seems to spend his time doing is making card games and indie games on the side, which is fine but a shame for the BOI IP

BinaryPulse 3

Repentance delayed again? Shocked.

ramXDev 11

Mr Edmund struck gold with Binding of Isaac - don't understand why he doesn't focus fully on expanding it: there's so much potential still there.


His other games are mediocre at best; they aren't as iconic.

EDIT: I forgot about Super Meat Boy. But I still think Binding of Isaac is his best idea/games.

KotakuSucks2 1

Isaac is a neat idea but a boring as shit game. Its not enjoyable to spend every run praying that you get some sort of damage buff before you hit the womb because if you haven't the game becomes unplayably tedious. Flooding the item pool with trash and barely adding any means of mitigating the randomness means that the most enjoyable method of playing the game is to just restart the first floor over and over until you get an item that isn't shit.

There's no point building on Isaac, the foundation is garbage and it just gets worse with every piece of content added to the game. Far as I'm concerned, Gungeon is what Isaac always should have been.

DoomGuyIII 2

He unironically doesn't even get why people like it.

one of the main reasons Afterbirth/Afterbirth+ were a shitshow was because of him barely interacting with Nicalis.

bonesnaps 2

>Mr Edmund struck gold with Binding of Isaac - don't understand why he doesn't focus fully on expanding it: there's so much potential still there.

This. It could be expanded on indefinitely like Path of Exile, Warframe, LoL, etc with paid expansions. I'd buy them all in a heartbeat for new content.

Ah well. Missed opportunity I guess.

I found one close game that looks very similar in gameplay, called 'I Dracula: Genesis' on steam. It's in early access still so I'm waiting for full release, but apparently it has hundreds of items already, for cool synergies like BoI has. Chances are I'll buy it before it even releases v1.0, it looks very promising.

ramXDev 1

Thank you for the recommendation. The game looks really sick. Love the style and gameplay videos I've seen.

  Gyossaits 12

The End is Nigh turned out pretty well.


It really is. Fluid and just the right amount of difficult, I wouldn't say it's underplayed but it doesn't get discussed as much as it maybe deserves.

neurolane 3

I loved his games from newgrounds. Of course that's a different era, but I have the basement collection (which is a collection of these old flash games) and it shows he's quite versatile.

It is true that SMB and BoI are superb with respect to the other, but I think i like hos versatility more.

Of course to everyone their own opinion.

ramXDev 3

Maybe I just want more Binding of Isaac. But to me there aren't games like that. Sure there are ASCII roguelikes and such, but I love the aesthetics of Isaac. And the gameplay can evolve to be even more comprehensive: more characters, more bosses, more items, more everything. There's nothing wrong with more!


Hell give me a Binding of Isaac with like super HD graphics or even with claymation aesthetics - if Nintendo can get away with pumping out Mario platformer after Mario platformer, then I want a world where we can get the same for Isaac. I much prefer Isaac over Mario.

The_Real_Gilgongo 34

What? Super Meat Boy was massively influential. As much as I love Isaac, I'd prefer a dev as talanted as him to experiment as much as he likes rather than hammer away at the same shit year after year.

ramXDev 7

Super Meat Boy is an iconic and awesome platformer.

runean 9

Nah, my Isaac hype ran out a full two years ago.

Supertact 14

Legend of bumbo has so much potential but is held back by so many bugs. Hope it gets fixed.

GuessItWillJustBurn 3

People always say this, but I found it to be a complete disappointment through and through.

I just kept playing, sure that there was something I was missing because I respect mcmillen's other works so much and really couldn't believe he had actually released something so aggressively boring and generic.

Never found any of this potential people speak of. The gameplay was a chore from the first turn until I uninstalled it a couple days later