Elite Controller: Am I just being picky or do I have bad luck?

by xKevinn. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    9

I've exchanged 4 elite controllers from Best Buy in the past week and currently on my 5th one, all having an unresponsive A button and two that also include the Y button.

You must press it directly in the middle, and harder, than the other face buttons for it to register otherwise you hear the depress sound but no action.

Should I even bother exchanging anymore from Best Buy or is this a lost cause, or am I supposed to have flaws?

Edit: I'm downvoted because I'm experiencing issues that others aren't? That makes total sense.


Slepprock 1

I think the newer batch of them bad. I keep going through the lately because of stick drift. Its bad and shows up after a few days

  xKevinn 1

What's your lot code on the box?


I'm on my 6th Series 2...went through maybe 4 Elite 1 and thought I was finally good go on my last Series 2...then I got stick drift on the left analog...RIP. new arrives next week. Honestly the razer Wolverine Ultimate is what I should have stuck with and a cheaper option with about in chat pad at that

burner1992283737 1

This is probably a total coincidence but my friend recently bought a new ps4 controller and when he got home it would charge and the x button wasn’t working and then the next day he bought another new controller and returned it and it was another busted controller and he’s returning it tmr this was also at Best Buy btw so idk if it’s their company or what but no you’re definitely having bad luck you aren’t being picky for having a defective product

  xKevinn 1

Exactly. If I'm paying $253 CAD after taxes for a controller I'd want it to perform perfectly.

I'm probably just going to order one from the Microsoft store and hope it's a different batch number.

ZeroHasNoLimits 3

It's too expensive for you to not be 100% happy with it. Roll until you get a perfect one.

  xKevinn 1

I thought it was somewhat rare for defects and the "only the group of people with defects speak up, not ones who have a perfect device" saying would've come into play for this, but after having 5 in a row with the issue that I've never had from other controllers, it is making me think the issue is more common.

ZeroHasNoLimits 1

I can't speak for the Elite V2, but I have two elite V1 which had the bumpers break on them. Plus I've had a friend have his bumpers break on his (also a V1). Luckily it's easy to replace the bumpers but it is still very annoying.

The controller is totally worth it though, very difficult to go back to a normal controller once you get used to that one. Keep in mind that I have two friends with Elite controllers that have had no problems with them, despite owning them since launch. It is a lottery unfortunately.

  xKevinn 1

I agree, it was amazing while I was testing it but I couldn't justify keeping one with faulty button(s).

I may just order one from the Microsoft store in case it's a newer/different batch number.