er sale "graphical update" on the profiles etc is killing my pc

by ismusl. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    3

Before the event came, i can easily have 60 fps on dota2, and no issues in other games. since the update came, my laptop's fan is at loudest even if i am not gaming. and i go down to 20 fps in fights. i cannot play or use steam at all. is there a way u guys can allow us to revert back to old versions? because this update is insanely unoptimized for low end pc's.


edit: the title was supposed to be steam summer sale "graphical update" . my pc is having so much hard time with the steam client i cannot even use my internet browser properly.


Igor_Kozyrev 1

Add " -vrdisable -no-browser" to the path in your steam shortcut. This will completely disable browser in the client, you'll need to switch to the small mode in the view options. And since it disables browser completely in the client, you'll have to use proper browser for stuff like store or steam profile.


what do you mean, how would the update do any of this? do you have people's profiles or a friends list showing in the background?

Reddit5484 6

You have other issues, its not steam.