Fae Tactics Review Thread

by GamingGideon. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    203    33

Courtesy of Open Critic https://www.opencritic.com/game/9891/fae-tactics

Game Information

Game Title: Fae Tactics


  • PC (Jul 31, 2020)


Developer: Endlessfluff Games

Publisher: Humble Games

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 75 average - 50% recommended - 6 reviews

Critic Reviews

Digital Chumps - Benjamine Branscum - 7.6 / 10

>Fae Tactics is a solid game, delivering players a fun, thoughtful adventure with enough unique combat and visuals to justify spending time with it.

Hardcore Gamer - Jeremy Peeples - 4 / 5

>Fae Tactics: The Girl Who Destroyed the World is a top-notch tactical RPG and one that any longtime fan of the genre should check out.

PC Gamer - Philip Palmer - 77 / 100

>Fae Tactics takes an enjoyable swing at streamlining a complex genre, but doesn't reinvent it in the process.

PC Invasion - Kevin Chapman - 6.5 / 10

>Fae Tactics is a game filled with one step forward and two steps back. While its art style and music are charming, they are very limited. Likewise, the gameplay is solid but holds itself back with a few odd design decisions. While not a bad game, it may not be enough to excite fans of the genre.

Screen Rant - Peter Morics - 3.5 / 5 stars

>Fae Tactics is an intensive strategy experience.

Shacknews - TJ Denzer - 8 / 10

>Fae Tactics has only a few bumps in its lengthy and magical road, but these are mere speedbumps along the vast and enjoyable journey full of deep technical strategy, colorful fae and characters, and winding stories.

A few others outside of Open Critic

NoisyPixel 9/10

Fae Tactics is a wonderful adventure with a compelling narrative and a unique battle system. The developers took a chance on creating a memorable experience within the genre, and they accomplished it with the help of a great cast of characters and some incredible moments of gameplay. There are a few options that I wish were available, but whether this is your first time playing a tactical RPG or your hundredth, you will most definitely have a great time.

Turn Based Lovers 9/10

What makes Fae Tactics different is that I want to recommend it to most everyone who has the slightest bit of inclination to play a tactical turn-based RPG due to how effectively it manages to balance simplicity with depth. Even if you have a low degree of tolerance for convoluted rules systems you should be able to get into Fae Tactics. If you are someone who likes lots of crunchiness with a variety of options to explore then Fae Tactics should satisfy you. It is a crowd-pleaser and frankly exceptional. Get it. Play it. Enjoy it.


WishCow 1

How "slow" is this game? I like tactic rpgs, but my problem is that they are so slow to actually get to the gameplay, because you have to listen to a 20 minutes backstory, then a 20 minutes tutorial, and then you start a practice battle, before the actual gameplay begins.

rehsarht 2

From what I've played, it's almost all combat. Any dialogue or story bits in my hour and a half have been two or three lines. Granted, I'm still in the tutorial stages (basically opening up new mechanics and such) but it's been battle, battle, battle. Plays quick and loose and the music and sprite work are top shelf. It's already deeper than I imagined. Looking forward to more time with it, for sure.

phorilla 8

Fae Tactics has a great ~2 hour demo that gets you rolling pretty quickly after only a couple minutes of cutscenes. All of the tutorials are short hint screens that are skippable.

biggestscrub 1

Is that demo still available? I don't see it on Steam anymore.

phorilla 3

Looks like they removed it? Seems like it may have been temporary as part of the Steam Game Festival in June.

Barrel_Titor 1

I wish there was more info on the Switch version. I'd much rather have it on Switch but would probs just buy on PC if it wasn't out this year but in limbo since there's no real info.

LowKey-NoPressure 1

Does anyone know the difference between normal difficulty and hard for Fae Tactics?

SensitiveFrosting1 6

I don't know if the reviews will do much one way or another. I feel like you either like the genre, or you don't, and good reviews won't necessarily change that.

Realsan 7

Yeah. There are so few tactics style games like this that we really need someone to break down the improvements and changes this game is making.

epsiblivion 3

what's the price tag? no price on steam

Cherry_Venus 3

20 USD

Dahorah 19

Is it just me or should these review threads have a link to a Steam/Epic/GOG store page, or even PSN/Xbox store link so I can go to it?


Just you. Should be easy enough to find this yourself anyway.

  GamingGideon 26

I believe rule 6.7 forbids it.

6.7 No direct links to individual games on any digital storefront

Lumbearjack 21

A direct link would be the post itself only being a link. It doesn't make any sense to talk about games without being able to also link them in the post.


I swear i only said nice things here. Honest!

platysaur 7

Any word on the length of this game?

Blorb_and_Blob 10

The say around 60 hours

Hrothen 59

I'd like to see more reviews from places that are specifically into this genre, I don't want to say it's niche but it's definitely not incredibly popular. From playing the demo I can say it's quite different from the Ogre Tactics/FFT/Disgaea style, but was pretty fun. I'm probably gonna pick it up tomorrow just on the strength of the demo and the dev's previous work.

Chubbstock 3

I haven't played the demo, but from the videos that they put out it looks like it has a little more of a Into The Breach feel to it, where you want specific tools to be available against certain enemies. Not as rigid, since Into the Breach was really set in what you could use and how to use them, but definitely less fluid and DIY as FFT or TO

RogueCarpet 14

Yeah, I enjoyed the demo too and have kept my eye on the Steam page for a while. I am disappointed reading in the PC Invasion review that you're capped at 3 Leaders per mission -- I was hoping the party would expand from the demo. I also was hoping there'd be some additional customization options offered later in the game but it doesn't seem like there's anything that wasn't in the demo.

Probably will still pick it up at launch assuming the price point is reasonable. I've been putting a gross number of hours into Troubleshooter so it'll be nice to have a simpler tactical RPG too.

masonmjames 2

Wow thank you for this comment. I had never heard of Troubleshooter before but it seems like exactly the kind of game I would love. If it's as good as it seems, hopefully more people find it.

Cherry_Venus 4

I'm so glad to see Troubleshooter getting some love recently. Best tactics rpg I've played since FE10, maybe better if it wasn't for my own nostalgia.

Gorantharon 2

Reading the description of Troubleshooter, it seems to be a first episode?

Is the story somewhat done in this first part, or is it a big to be continued?

Cherry_Venus 2

Story is not even close to being done, but the game is. Think of it like season 1 of a show. It is very much a complete product, but will not be finished for many years because of how it is structured. It's not story driven anyway, the gameplay stands on its own.

Jadaki 2

Game gets patched twice a week usually, it's still under development really but it's a polished fun game.

RogueCarpet 6

It's so good! It's hard to recommend since it has a lot of rough edges that could turn people off and it's niche within a niche genre but I've put so many hours into it and am still excited to try out new skill combinations.

rehsarht 3

I really should get back to this game, I played a bunch about a year ago but shelved it to wait for release. Probably do that once I get through Fae Tactics.

Kalmaro 3

Oh man, I got 168 hours on that game now and it still feels like I have barely scratched the surface.

They do a good job of not hand holding you (or perhaps a bad job of giving you information?) on some stuff and I like it.

DieDungeon 1

I hear the translation isn't great, thoughts?

Kalmaro 1

It gets a little confusing at times when you're looking at skills and the wording is just... off

But it's not horrible and you can figure most of the stuff out pretty quick. The story itself is translated just fine in most cases and I've never had any trouble understanding what was going on.

Just the occasional "Why did they use this word?"

Like, you almost KNOW when a game isn't native english when they use words like "elucidation"

it's english but must native speakers have probably never even heard of that word.