Fallout New Vegas Backwards Compatibility

by Creepy_Juggernaut. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    10

Hello friends. I recently bought new vegas which is supoosed to be able to be played on both the xbox 360 and one. Trying to install the game gets me an error message saying it isnt compatible. I do have an xbox one s and not the original. Can anyone help?



Still waiting on Scott Pilgrim to be backwards compatible


I doubt that'll happen. Would be nice though. I need the dlc for it too.

  Creepy_Juggernaut 3

In my humble opinion every damn game should have been backwards Compatible


I agree. My friend who worked on enhancing Red Dead Redemption 1 for the One X explained to me why it was an arduous process, but I was too high to remember what he said

Black-Doge777 1

Did you manage to figure out why it wouldn't install, or rather get it installed? If it's the Ultimate Edition with DLC, maybe that's the problem. Should work either way imo.

I've been thinking of ordering a cheap copy of this one, have it on the PS3 but it's always been kind of unplayable. Figured it'd be a more enjoyable experience on the xbone.

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Yeah disc 2 is what you use to install the whole thing so i assume youd use that disc to actually play too

TightwadHill 2

If you bought the disc version, install disc 2. If you bought it digitally, restart your Xbox.

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This worked. Thanks

flang0 2

You are online?

simptom61 4

DON'T try to force it to install! I almost had to factory reset my one s