Feature/Option request: Remove Cosmetics

by LiranT. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    3    31

I think this would be ideal for those new players who already have a hard time recognizing all the heroes, and then be challenged with cosmetics that change the appearance and spells of these heroes.



There are a couple of mods that does this. I used no-bling Dota while playing on a shitty laptop. Worked okay, so weird bugs with some sets though


Plebs have no right when whales run the business. Sry, you are unimportant.


This would really be a middle finger to the actual paying customers. Do you think people would still be as motivated to buy hats if noone else in the game is gonna see it?


Do you buy cosmetics to show off to others rather than enjoy it yourself? That's pathetic

1Nero 1

wanting to make your heroes look good to other people is pathetic? that's stupid logic why can't you show off your cosmetics to other people

Jermzxxx 1

Pls dont be silly. Its obvious people buy cosmetics for multiple reasons, both of the ones you mentioned are included. People definitely buy cosmetics to flex on others


I'm this years' level 1500 with tons of cosmetics, this isn't about the paying customer.
It's about the potential buying customer who is learning the game and can contribute in the future.
I don't really give a shit if a new guy doesn't want to see cosmetics and intense particle effects so they can learn the game.

Jermzxxx 2

A better implementation would be that cosmetics are disabled for people with <100 hours. That way you could have new player learn the game without interference AND the customers dont have to doubt the value of their cosmetics

Jermzxxx 2

Youre one person not all of their customers. Im saying that there will be some people who stop and think "hmm, should I buy this $35 arcana? Nah, noone will see it anyway". Are you disputing that there will be people that think like that?


You are assuming most people will have it turned off, why? Would you?

Jermzxxx 1

Doesnt matter what I assume or whether or not most people do on fact turn it off. The moment turning it off becomes an option then it plants a seed of doubt in the customers mind.


The word "Noone" suggested an assumption

Jermzxxx 1

I literally just said it doesnt matter what I assume nor whether or not people use the feature. My assumption is pretty irrelevant

BTulkas 3

Most dota players don't even care if the other players in the game speak the language they keep typing and shouting at them, so pretty sure they'll be happy as long as they get to see the shiny.

Jermzxxx 2

Your opinion is guaranteed to be the opinion of most paying customers?
Where is that statistic coming from?


Is your opinion that people will stop buying hats guaranteed to be the opinion of most paying customers? Where is that statistic coming from?

I have people speaking to me in tongues every other game, even though I clearly don't speak their gibberish, but I never saw anyone say they wouldn't buy cosmetics if some people can't see them. At least not in a language I could understand.

Jermzxxx 1

Nah, my opinion isnt guaranteed to be the opinion of most. Ive never claimed it would be most; you claimed your opinion would be shared by most.
I do guarantee that my opinion would be shared by some people ans thus hurt the bottom line. Youre crazy if you think a company is gonna choose to hurt their profits.

People havent said they would stop because the concept of hiddem cosmetics hasnt been proposed to them


I only ever I'm guessing, you're the one throwing big claims around, announcing that people who don't agree with you must be insane.

And like other people responded to you, gaining new players and allowing lower-end computers to run the game may well be more profitable than what you and the one other theoretical person who won't buy cosmetics would cost them. Sorry about the chance you won't be able to overcompensate, it seems very important to you.

Jermzxxx 1

Ahh an ad hominem. I love those.
I simply asked whether or not you think people would be as (see equally) motivated to buy hats if they weren't displayed for everyone. Also if you were reading the other posts, you'd see I actually made a suggestion to help new players while keeping cosmetics in the game for everyone. The best of both worlds. You just responded to one comment and went off. Maybe just upgrade your PC and you could enjoy the game like the rest of us.

Razku 1

absolutely. Would love to be able to remove the music / highfive / battlepass summons too.

strawhatpirate14000 1

I think you have the option in settings to display hero names over the hero .That makes it easier to identify the hero

Cabaj1 2

I'ld rather have an option to turn off ambient effect and custom spells (like immortals). This will increase a lot of people fps and you can still flex with your arcana.


Why not both?

Anteater776 1

Cause Valve wants people to be able to flex. with their Arcanas since being able to flex with it is one of the appeals of owning one.

alakefak 2

Inb4: valve makes this an obscure console command and then not adding to game since it didn't get much use

Smooooochy 4

Great idea actually, just need a toggle in the settings menu for only default textures.

BTulkas 8

Also lower end computers and polygon counts for newer sets. Not to mention particle effects.

Smooooochy 1

^ This

Kovi34 1

That's what LODs are for

BTulkas 1

I mean, I absolutely love Lord of Destruction and occasionally replay it to this day, but isn't that a little apples and oranges case?

Kovi34 5

yeah that's pretty unlikely. A big part of the value of the hats is their status symbol which is greatly diminished if you don't know that others can see them. Valve would lose money on this and players wouldn't like it, there's very little reason to do it.