Finding an old castle destroying game

by Vxmonarkxv. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    7    9

There was an old game that I'm looking for that involved taking discs/pucks and shooting them at your opponents castle setup.

You had a ballista, trebuchet, and cannon i think, and some men. Your opponent had the same setup and you had castle walls and buildings and such. Love to find it for my nephew but have had 0 luck googling for it. Thanks!


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This would be my guess. Loved that game as a kid but I'd find those damn orange balls everywhere for months after playing

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Weapons and Warriors

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I have a couple full editions of this still luckily. Still fun to play :)

Zmirzlina 2

This was my favorite game growing up. Still have a few pucks at the bottom of my desk drawer. Miss it.

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Thats it! Thank you!
In hindsight that name should've been something i could find lol

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I had so much fun with this game as a kid. I think it's because the building blocks worked so well for building, but were also so easy to knock down that you really had to design it well to make it stand up to an assault.

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They're making a new one called Catapult Kingdoms, coming to KS next week