Flickering on OG Xbox

by Hartzler44. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    3

I'm having screen flickers on my trusty old Xbone. I think it happens once it really starts working... I've looked around a bit but most help is for problems with 4K consoles. Is my ol girl dying? Any help?


BigBreastedBoy 1

what exactly do you mean by screen flickering because i may have had the same issue as that a while ago

  Hartzler44 1

It just cuts to black quickly and then returns to normal. Sometimes just once, other times in rapid succession

BigBreastedBoy 1

Sorry but i dont think i can help with that. A while ago my screen kept flickering black and white, i solved that by adjusting the contrast on my TV. I guess you could try that but i doubt it will work.