Formula D custom Formula 1 driver cards and player boards!

by Arkhamedes. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    167    24

Thanks to all your support and suggestions I've finalized my design for the Formula D custom Formula 1 driver cards. After finalizing the design I made a test run with my 3 favorite teams (Scuderia Ferrari, Red Bull Racing, and Renault F1), and I'm planning on doing McLaren and Mercedes next. Here are the results!!!

P.S. My friends and I are all native Arabic speakers, so I thought It'd be more fitting if the text was in Arabic. If the community likes the design and cards I'd be more than happy to do them in English.

Alternative Imgur Album Here


Alexander Albon (en)

Alexander Albon (ar)

Max Verstappen (ar)

Charles Leclerc (ar)

Sebastian Vettel (ar)

Daniel Ricciardo (ar)

Esteban Ocon (ar)

Now onto the player boards! One thing that I don't like about the current design is the background, but I just don't know what to do to make it look better. Another thing is I wanted to incorporate the team logos or names, but can't seem to find an appropriate spot. Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.


Red Bull Racing Player Board

Scuderia Ferrari Player Board

Renault F1 Player Board




  Arkhamedes 1

which is a bad link? everything seems to be working fine on my end.



RemtonJDulyak 2

Are you using Old Reddit?
I was having the same issue, I switched from old. to www., and I can see them.



  Arkhamedes 2

sorry about that.

I have provided a link to an Imgur album in the post, and I've posted them to the BGG gallery and they're waiting for approval.

Nestorow 1

My deal for my Twitch channel is to play Formula D with Danny Ric so I love this

Trygle 2

Now I want to make Initial D inspired racers ....

  Arkhamedes 1

Déjà vu!

Trygle 2

I've just been in this place before.

EvilDrReef 2

I really like this! As someone who's played entirely too much Formula D in my life, this would be the exact kind of thing my friends group would appreciate.

  Arkhamedes 2

I'll post the English cards and boards next weekend, with the driver cards for McLaren and Mercedes too.

code_monkee 2


  Arkhamedes 1


Rebelpilot 2

Also can you do a version with the boards advanced side? I sure a lot of us play the advanced side more

  Arkhamedes 1

That's the plan, but I'll have to finalize the design of the Basic Player Board first.

Denver710 2

This looks great! Is be very interested in playing.

  Arkhamedes 2

Thanks! I'm planning on posting the English cards along with the cards for McLaren and Mercedes next weekend if I get the time.

MorganBlack90 5

As an F1 fan and a board game hobbyist, in the words of my favorite team, Grazie Mille for combining these two worlds.

I am sure r/formula1 will also appreciate this.

  Arkhamedes 1

You're welcome :)

AttackForceZ 2

Any chance to see Sainz rather than Vettel?

Btw, great work!
Would love to see an all time greats deck with Fangio, Schumacher, Clark, Prost, Alonso, Hamilton, Senna, Lauda.

  Arkhamedes 3

Official press images of Sainz in the Ferrari suit haven't been released yet. Maybe next year? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks, I'm definitely doing the Mercedes Driver Cards next weekend and those'll have Hamilton (+McLaren+drivers I've already posted here) in English!

As for the classic drivers, I might do that in the future. If you're more into classics check out those made by /u/Miniature_Martin .

Miniature_Martin 5

Those are all looking very nice, Arkhamedes! Nice and clean work on the driver cards; Only change I'd suggest now is to reduce the images of the drivers by 10% — they look a bit cramped with their heads so close to the top edge of the border.

The dashboards might work slightly better with a faded background image of the car in the right panel, and the team logo in the left panel. Or, if that looks too busy, maybe just the logo, but split between the two panels.

Also, rather than the polished aluminium edge, how about a carbon fibre pattern? More appropriate for modern F1, perhaps?!/quality/90/?

  Arkhamedes 1

Hi Martin, here's a sneak peek of what I've been up to with the player boards.

I really like the placement of the logo and car! Maybe add a blur filter?

I still prefer the brushedsteel background because the carbon fiber pattern feels too out of place, what do you think?

I'm definitely crediting you when I post the final design next weekend, thank a bunch for your help and support.

  Arkhamedes 3

Thanks for the great suggestions, Martin!

That carbon fiber pattern is going to have to wait till next weekend. I've spent 4 hours on this project today lol.

Columbian_Throat_Job 8

These are pretty cool. I may steel these at some point. Good work

  Arkhamedes 2

Thank you! I'm glad you liked them.